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YouTube Videos With ‘AI-Generated’ Labels

Spending $400 with AI shopping, the European Union AI Act, and more...

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  • YouTube Rolling Out AI Labels
  • What Is The European Union AI Act
  • Spending $400 With ‘AI Shopping’
  • Microsoft’s New Windows Surface Chief


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BBC Will Stop Using AI In Doctor Who Promos
The marketing team for the longtime sci-fi series halted its use of generative AI for Doctor Who marketing emails following complaints…

Apple iOS Future Could Also Include Anthropic
Rumors have said that Apple might partner with OpenAI or Google for an iOS chatbot functionality while using its own AI for on-device features…

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Voice-to-Text powered by Apple Silicon, local AI models let you write anything by just talking — includes Unlimited GPT-3.5, Claude 3 Haiku and Deepgram Voice…


YouTube Rolling Out ‘AI-Generated’ Labels

YouTube is implementing a new policy requiring content creators to disclose if their videos contain AI-generated content which will help power an “altered content” warning for videos.

This will hopefully help viewers depict people, places, or events that are created with altered or synthetic media, including generative AI.

The labels will be introduced across all YouTube platforms, starting with the app, followed by desktops and TVs. Google is also developing a process for individuals to request the removal of AI-manipulated videos featuring them.


What You Need To Know About The AI Act


The European Union has passed the Artificial Intelligence Act, introducing stringent AI regulations globally — designating certain AI applications as “unacceptable” and illegal except under specific conditions for government, law enforcement, and scientific study.

Similar to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this legislation imposes obligations on any entity doing business within the 27 member states, aiming to protect citizens’ rights and promote innovation.

The Act categorizes AI applications based on risk levels, with “high-risk” applications facing stricter rules.

The Act is expected to come into force within 24 months, with some provisions possibly being enforced sooner, and significant penalties await those who breach the Act.

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Spending $400 On An AI Shopping Haul

Various retailers and platforms are incorporating generative AI to enhance their services, including eBay’s auto-generated product descriptions, Amazon’s AI fit feature for sizing, and Shopify’s image editing and copywriting tools.

The Verge conducted an experiment spending $400 on AI shopping tools and AI-generated clothing to assess the impact of artificial intelligence on online shopping.

The investigation, led by Verge reporter Mia Sato, delves into whether AI can truly refine the online shopping experience — and let’s just say it didn’t go well.


Microsoft Has A New Windows Surface Chief

Microsoft has appointed Pavan Davuluri as the new chief of Windows and Surface, bringing together the teams under one leadership following the departure of Panos Panay to Amazon.

Previously, the Windows and Surface groups were managed separately, with Davuluri overseeing Surface devices and Mikhail Parakhin focusing on Windows and web experiences.

Davuluri has over 23 years at Microsoft, significant experience in custom processor development with Qualcomm and AMD, and will report directly to Rajesh Jha, head of experiences and devices.


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YouTube Videos With 'AI-Generated' Labels