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YouTube App Has Games Now 🍭

YouTube gaming, why Sam Altman was fired, and more...

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  • YouTube App Has Games Now
  • Why Sam Altman Was Fired
  • Telegram Gets Their Copilot
  • Juicy Stuff You Need To Know

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T-Mobile Buys Most Of US Cellular For $4.4 Billion
T-Mobile has agreed to a $4.4 billion deal to acquire parts of US Cellular, including its wireless customers, stores, and 30% of its spectrum assets…

OpenAI Researcher Joins Anthropic
Jan Leike, an OpenAI researcher who resigned over safety concerns, has joined competitor Anthropic to work on AI oversight and alignment…

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YouTube Rolls Out Playable Games

YouTube is expanding its Playables games program to all users on mobile and desktop. Previously exclusive to YouTube Premium members, Playables now offers over 75 games directly on YouTube.

To access, visit YouTube’s site or app and look for Playables in the sidebar. The feature lets you save progress and track high scores across a variety of games, including Angry Birds Showdown!, Trivia Crack, and Cut the Rope.

Now, with more titles, YouTube joins other tech companies like LinkedIn, The New York Times, and Netflix in adding casual games to their services.

Former OpenAI Board Member Explains Sam Altman’s Firing

In an interview on The TED AI Show, former OpenAI board member Helen Toner detailed why the board ousted CEO Sam Altman last year.

Toner cited Altman’s failure to disclose his ownership of the OpenAI Startup Fund, repeated inaccuracies about safety processes, and a toxic work environment.

Even though employees and investors pushing for Altman’s return, Toner highlighted his history of problematic behavior.

However, current board chair Bret Taylor disputed her claims, stating an independent review found no major issues justifying the firing.

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Telegram Gets An In-App Copilot Bot

Microsoft has launched an official Copilot bot within Telegram, allowing users to interact with the AI chatbot for text-based requests.

Currently in beta and free for all Telegram users, Copilot can help with searches, answer questions, suggest movies, generate workout routines, assist with coding, translate conversations, and find quick facts. However, it’s limited to text and has a 30-turn daily limit.

To use it, search for @CopilotOfficialBot on Telegram and share your phone number with Microsoft.


Everything Else You Need To Know

  • PayPal’s Ad Network: PayPal is launching an advertising platform using transaction data from PayPal and Venmo to sell targeted ads. Customers can opt out, and the platform will offer privacy controls.
  • Call of Duty Leak: Microsoft accidentally revealed that “Call of Duty: Black Ops 6” will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one later this year when the official trailer hadn’t debuted.
  • OpenAI’s GPT-5: OpenAI announces the training of its latest model, GPT-5, aiming for artificial general intelligence. A new Safety and Security Committee has been formed following the resignation of a key researcher over safety concerns.
  • Internet Archive DDoS Attack: The Internet Archive has been experiencing intermittent DDoS attacks for three days, affecting access. Founder Brewster Kahle emphasizes ongoing lawsuits as a bigger threat to the archive’s survival.
  • Apple’s Tinnitus Study: Apple is funding a study on tinnitus, revealing that over 77% of participants have experienced it, with 15% affected daily. The study aims to understand tinnitus better and develop management methods.


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