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You Can Pull A PROFIT With Your Prompts

Read this to become a prompt selling expert via the Snack Prompt Marketplace.

Happy Friday!

Welcome to day three of our AI-powered side hustle series. This will be our last money making method delivered to you for the week.

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Today’s Menu 🥡

  • AI-Powered Side Hustle: Methods To Earn Money Online
  • Build Your Breakthrough AI Business: Low-Code Launch
  • Midjourney Stock Image Generator: Create Prompts Fast

AI-Powered Side Hustle Series: Day Three 💰

If you’re reading this email, there’s a pretty good chance you’re here because of Snack Promptthe daddy of the Daily Bite.

Maybe you went searching for Digital Jeff’s One-Click Personal Trainer prompt or someone recommended you give the platform a look.

It doesn’t really matter how you got here, but while you’re here, you might as well give the Snack Prompt Marketplace a shot.

#3: Prompts on Snack Prompt

Snack Prompt was made for users to upvote, bookmark, and share the best prompts in the world for free.

However, not everyone is willing to give away their secret sauce for an upvote, which is why we also offer premium prompts.

The average sale price for a premium prompt is around $3.

Daily Bite Tip
Premium prompts allow creators to monetize their knowledge and expertly crafted prompts through fair or fixed pricing.

Fair pricing gives the viewer the opportunity to decide if they want to pay. Meanwhile, fixed pricing gives you full control over the entry price.

Unlike free prompts, users won’t be able to see, copy, or use your prompt until after they’ve made a purchase.

Fixed pricing ensures you get paid, while fair pricing won’t guarantee money but does provide the potential for one.

Daily Bite Tip

How do you create a premium prompt?

All you have to do is turn on the premium switch on the prompt creation page, and the basics behind creating a prompt remain the same.

You can learn more about premium prompts here.

How do you make the most money from premium prompts?

The short answer: Write excellent prompts & then, drive traffic to them.

If you want to build an income with Snack Prompt, you need to treat it as your storefront.

Keep focusing your brand and your business, and when the time is right, send your loyal followers to your premium prompts or your Snack Prompt profile.

For example, Digital Jeff has done a phenomenal job at creating content on Instagram, and then, sending a fraction of his traffic toward Snack Prompt where users are spending $49 for one of his best prompts.

If you’re a fan of Midjourney & visual prompts, you can share your premium prompts directly to Pinterest to drive organic traffic and get more sales.

Daily Bite Tip

What are the pros?

  • Creating visual & text prompts is easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • The best prompts are promoted in the Daily Bite newsletter.
  • Upvotes can put you on the homepage of Snack Prompt.
  • You can list all your prompts in one place.

What are the cons?

  • You have to earn $10 before you can withdraw your funds.
  • The analytics dashboard is still under development, so it’s hard to tell which prompts are performing the best.
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Make Life Simple With AI

The following prompts can help you generate your first premium prompts for text and visual prompts on Snack Prompt.

“Wow, selling premium prompts sounds really cool, but I’m not a prompt writer.”

Well, you’re not a prompt writer yet.

I built two free prompts that will assist you with your prompt creation efforts. They’re not perfect by any means, but they will give you a solid foundation to build off of.

One of them will help you build a text prompt on any given subject, and the other will give you a few starter prompts for AI art platforms like Midjourney, Dall-E, or Stable Diffusion. 👇

Start by clicking on either of the prompts above, enter your main, and let ChatGPT spit out a prompt for the given topic in text or visual style.

Remember, you will still need to customize the prompt and add in a few prompt tags to ensure other people are able to use the prompt for their own ideas.

Give them a try: Visual Prompt Generator or Text Prompt Generator


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You Can Pull A PROFIT With Your Prompts