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We are not training AI… AI is training us

An evolution in communication

Most believe that AI might be diminishing our human connections, leading us to a world more automated and less personal. Yet, I think the opposite is true: AI could be enhancing our relationships, deepening our bonds in ways we never thought possible.

AI, surprisingly, can bridge the communication gaps that often leave us feeling misunderstood or isolated.

ChatGPT, as a prime example, is a Large Language Model whose potential is unleashed through one key element: natural language, or simply put, communication.

By demanding clear, precise input, AI is honing our ability to communicate effectively, not just with technology but with each other. Through AI, we’re learning the power of precise, thoughtful communication. This isn’t just about getting clearer responses from a machine; it’s about refining how we articulate our thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Take, for instance, my journey with my design firm in Dallas Fort Worth. The challenge wasn’t the talent or the vision; it was conveying the requirements for each project with clarity. This struggle with communication led me to sell the firm at 25, thinking it was unscalable. I couldn’t replicate my creative process in others, not because they lacked skill, but because I hadn’t mastered communicating my vision.

Today… If I can detail a design concept clearly enough for an AI like Midjourney to grasp, I could have communicated just as effectively with a human designer. Saving me from so much frustration and friction in my profesional relationships.

AI, with its instant feedback loop, acts as a mirror to our communicative clarity. Drafting a prompt that yields the intended result teaches us the importance of specificity and context—a lesson that can directly transfer to human interactions.

As we grow more proficient in our dialogue with AI, we’re simultaneously enhancing our capacity to articulate our needs, desires, and thoughts more effectively with those around us.

“AI isn’t just a tool we’re mastering; it’s becoming a master teaching us the art of communication which leads to deeper connection.”

As AI weaves itself more deeply into our professional lives, this evolution in communication will naturally extend into our personal interactions. The precision and clarity honed through AI will enrich our relationships, making us better listeners, speakers, and possibly, empathetic beings.

So here’s to AI – not the conduit of isolation, but the catalyst for understanding one another. It’s not just about commanding machines; it’s about rediscovering the art of connection, reminding us that at the heart of technology lies an opportunity to become more human.

We feared AI would erode the depth of our human interactions, but it might be handing us the very tools to strengthen them. Communication is indeed the fabric that weaves us closer.

AI, it turns out, isn’t just a tool we’re mastering; it could be a master teaching us the art of expressing ourselves and being understood.

Eder Teixeira Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt

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