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US Gov Suing Adobe 🍭

YouTube adding community notes, warning labels on social media, and more...

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  • US Gov Suing Adobe For ‘Deceiving’ Subscriptions
  • YouTube Asking To Add Context To Videos
  • Tobacco-Like Warning Labels On Social Media
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


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US Gov Suing Adobe For ‘Deceiving’ Subscriptions

The DOJ claims Adobe traps customers in costly plans and hits them with hidden early cancellation fees [which is 100% true — I know from personal experience].

When customers try to cancel, they face a complex process and unexpected fees because upon signing up for a monthly subscription, they’re locked into a year commitment.

P.S. If you’re trying to cancel your Adobe subscription without paying the fees, you need to switch your plan to a different plan first and then cancel as you’re within the “no-penalty cancellation” window with this different plan.


YouTube Asking Audience To Add Context To Videos

YouTube is testing a new feature called “notes” that lets viewers add community-sourced context to videos [much like Twitter’s community notes].

This allows users to clarify if a video is a parody or contains outdated footage presented as current.

Initially, only a select few can write these notes, and third-party evaluators will rate their helpfulness.

Currently, notes are only available in English to mobile users in the US.

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Tobacco-Like Warning Labels On Social Media

US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is pushing for social media platforms to carry tobacco-like warning labels to alert users, especially adolescents, about potential mental health risks.

Murthy argues that social media significantly contributes to the youth mental health crisis, citing studies linking it to anxiety, depression, and body image issues.

He’s calling for urgent legislative action to protect young users from online harms and to enforce independent safety audits of social media companies.


Everything Else You Need To Know

Car Control: Apple’s next-gen CarPlay only works wirelessly and aims to unify interfaces across car screens, but adoption remains limited with only Aston Martin and Porsche on board.

Finance Flip: Apple is shutting down its Apple Pay Later service just months after its launch.

Talk Tech: Chrome on Android introduces a ‘Listen to this page’ feature, which allows users to hear webpages read aloud with podcast-like controls directly within the browser.

Data Gold: Finbourne secures $70 million in funding to enhance its platform that helps financial companies turn data into AI insights.

Child Safety: Following reports on child influencers, Illinois enacts protections, with more legislation expected to address the exploitation and privacy concerns of young social media stars.


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US Gov Suing Adobe