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UK Politician Accused Of Being AI 🍭

Politician accused of being AI, Washington Post's climate change bot, and more...

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  • UK Politician Accused Of Being AI
  • OpenAI & Huffington Building AI Health Coach
  • DOJ Seizes Russian Disinformation Bot Farm
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


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German Government Refuses To Hodl Bitcoin
German law enforcement is rapidly liquidating over 50,000 seized bitcoin, worth over $2 billion, from a movie piracy bust, contributing to a drop in bitcoin prices…

Developers Suing Over GitHub Copilot Dealt Major Blow
A California judge dismissed most claims in a lawsuit against GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI, leaving only two allegations of open-source license violation and breach of contract standing…

UK Politician Accused of Being AI

Mark Matlock, a candidate for the far-right Reform UK party, had to clarify he is not an AI bot after missing campaign events due to pneumonia.

Suspicion arose from his overly edited campaign image and absence from events.

In an interview with The Independent, Matlock explained his illness and shared the original photo to dispel rumors.


OpenAI & Huffington Developing AI Health Coach

OpenAI and Arianna Huffington are collaborating on an AI health coach through Thrive AI Health.

The bot will use peer-reviewed science and user-shared health data to offer insights in areas like sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social connection.


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DOJ Seizes Russian Disinformation Bot Farm

The DOJ has seized over 900 social media accounts and two domains linked to an AI-enhanced Russian bot farm.

The operation, allegedly orchestrated by an RT employee, aimed to spread disinformation about the Russia-Ukraine war.

Using AI software Meliorator, the bots created profiles with detailed personas to bypass X’s verification methods.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked Event: On July 10th, Samsung’s event will feature new foldable phones, Galaxy AI, the Galaxy Ring, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, and new Galaxy Buds.

Etsy’s New Set Of Labels: Etsy is introducing new product categories (“made by,” “designed by,” “handpicked by,” and “sourced by”) to clarify how items are made.

Microsoft Hiking Price Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Microsoft will increase the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription price to $19.99 per month starting in September and introduce a new “Standard” tier without day-one access to first-party games for $14.99 per month.

Biden Administration’s Money Toward Chips: The Biden administration is allocating $1.6 billion from the CHIPS Act to bolster domestic semiconductor packaging, addressing one of the final steps in chip manufacturing often done overseas.

Washington Post’s Climate Change AI Chatbot: The Washington Post has introduced Climate Answers, an AI chatbot that uses its climate reporting to answer questions about climate change and environmental issues, ensuring responses are based on verified journalism.


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UK Politician Accused Of Being AI