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Turn Your Doodles Into A Masterpiece 🎨

Controlling generative AI image outputs, prepping start-up ideas, and weird images from DALL-E...

It’s About Time You Had More Control

In this email, we will be talking about a new-and-upcoming generative AI tool, a prompt to prep your next start-up ideas, and a few other goodies.

Let’s get crack-a-lackin’…


Today’s Menu 🥠

  • KREA Let’s You Control Your Generative AI Outputs
  • Transcribe Conversations With Ease
  • Discover Your Next, Fresh Start-Up Idea
  • 5 More AI Tools For Your Growing Toolbox
  • Even More Valuable GPT Bots
  • DALL-E Generates Some Strange ASMR Concepts

Fast Snacks 🥡

Apple To Bring Generative AI To iOS 18
Surpisingly, Apple has not entered the race so far despite having a multitude of products. However, that could change soon…

Google In Talks To Invest Hundreds Of Millions
Character.AI was founded by two former Google Brain employees, and the tech giant is expected to invest $100Ms as they train more models…

Advanced CS Concepts—Simply Explained
Brilliant makes it easy to stay ahead of the curve, with thousands of bite-sized lessons in math, logic, data, CS, and more. Try Brilliant free for 30 days.


A Massive Breakthrough In Generative AI 🎨

KREA has developed real-time & customizable control over output images you generate by combing a blank canvas with prompt engineering.

A core challenge in the realm of generative AI has been achieving high-quality, visually appealing outputs without artifacts.

Until recently, the primary method to guide these models was through prompt engineering, which, while effective, had its limitations in terms of precise control.

Imagine wanting to place a pink frog on a blue mushroom at a specific spot in an image – a task that was previously nearly impossible without editing through third-party tools.

KREA makes it a reality, allowing for such specific and detailed instructions to be executed with ease.

This leap forward in AI technology was made possible by a recent technical innovation known as “consistency.”

This breakthrough transformed diffusion models, enabling them to operate in real time and respond to direct, intuitive inputs from users.

Artists can now modify colors, shapes, and even integrate images directly into their designs, all in real time.

The tool’s intuitive interface is easy to use, and it opens up a world of creativity, ranging from intricate typography to realistic applications in photography and film.

This development is not just a technical achievement; it’s a new canvas for creativity, bridging the gap between human imagination and AI capabilities.

This is one of those AI tools you don’t want to miss – join their waitlist today!

Together With Deepgram:

Build Powerful Voice Apps With Speech AI 🎤

Effortlessly scale voice applications with Deepgram’s AI-powered speech-to-text API.

  • Convert audio and video into text in seconds across multiple languages
  • Best-in-class accuracy, speed, and price with our latest model, Nova-2
  • Go beyond transcription with AI features like summarization and topic detection

The best part? It’s free to try with $200 in credit.

Learn More →


Tuesday Trivia 📰

What was the first programming language to be used on the internet?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • C

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Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will turn your favorite AI into a start-up idea generator.

Are you eager to discover innovative startup ideas that align with your interests and skills, but struggle to find the inspiration or direction you need?

Let this prompt guide you on your next venture:

What This Startup Idea Prompt Offer:

Tailored Idea Generation: ChatGPT, utilizing its vast knowledge base and understanding of various industries, will assist you in generating startup ideas that align with your unique interests and skills.

Efficiency in Ideation: Say goodbye to hours of brainstorming without direction. With ChatGPT as your guide, you’ll quickly explore a range of potential ideas, allowing you to focus on those that truly resonate with you.

Adaptive and Insightful: ChatGPT is designed to adapt to your specific entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether your interests lie in technology, arts, sustainability, or any other field, this tool provides insightful ideas that cater to your specific domain.

Try it out now: Startup Idea Alchemist


5 AI Tools That You Might Enjoy

Looka: AI-powered platform to design a logo and build a brand in seconds.

Morise AI: Reads your videos and generates everything in seconds.

Magic Studio: Create amazing product photos in minutes.

FindAMeal: Find a place to eat with AI.

GPT Directory: Find the latest and greatest GPTs in one location.

Even More Custom GPTs 🦾


Generate Images In Real Time 🤯


Strange ASMR Concepts 💀


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Turn Your Doodles Into A Masterpiece