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Turn Canva’s New AI-Features Into Cash 💸

Cloning Your Voice, Earning With Canva, & Turning Hobbies Into Side Hustles...

What Can Canva Do For You?

The entire Internet is buzzing about Canva’s latest reveal, but nobody is talking about how you can use those features to put more cash in your pocket.

Keep reading & we will spill the money beans…

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Boost Your Earning Potential With Canva
  • An AI Tool That Is Borderline Illegal
  • Turn Your Hobbies Into Cash
  • 5 Tools That Will Save You Time
  • 1990s AI Yearbook Trend
  • Popular Memes Made Into IRL Images

Fast Snacks 🥡

Bill Gates & AI
Bill Gates-backed startup launches AI chatbot for personalized movie and book picks…

Robots 10 Years From Now
AI will surpass human intelligence in a decade, says Softbank CEO, Masayoshi Son…

The Battle With Deepfakes
Meta and X questioned by lawmakers over lack of rules against AI-generated political deepfakes…

Boost Potential Earnings With Canva 💰

Canva’s anniversary update isn’t just about making designs – it’s also about making money moves!

Here are 5 ways you can leverage Magic Studio to boost your income:

1. Content Creation Services

You can use Magic Design to quickly create engaging social media content, provide video creation services, or craft professional presentations.

With AI’s ability to increase your speed and quality of design, you can manage multiple clients simultaneously, or beef up your own social account to sell more products, services, or prompts!

2. Localization & Repurposing Services

Magic Switch converts designs into different formats or languages with a single click, and you can use it to help businesses expand into global markets or resize and transform pieces of content for each platform.

A good way to market this side hustle is to offer a done-for-you service where your client gives you one design, and you make it compatible with all socials & any language they want.

3. Photo Editing & Customization

Offer photo editing services to social media influencers, e-commerce businesses, or anyone in need of high-quality images with Magic Grab, Magic Expand, & Magic Edit in your toolbox.

Then, use Magic Morph to transform texts or shapes in your designs with written prompts.

4. Custom Media Creation

Magic Media generates visual assets like photos, 3D images, or short videos from text prompts, which could be useful in generating unique visual assets based on client requirements.

Try to partner with bloggers, writers, or online publications and provide them with custom images or short videos for their content.

5. Writing & Branding Services

Becoming a copywriter has massive earning potential because your goal is to make your clients more money – when they earn more, you earn more.

You can use Magic Write to help whip up website content, ad campaigns, or social media posts that aligns with the brand’s voice.

Bonus: Tutorials, Workshops, & Webinars

If you’re one of the first people to master all of the new features available, you can turn your knowledge into bite-sized video/written tutorials, in-person training workshops, or pay-per-view live webinars.

Maybe it’s about time you dust off that old YouTube channel, and start making a name for yourself as the One True Canva Savior.

P.S. Not sure where to find your first clients? A while back we talked about freelancing on Fiverr – it’s an excellent way to secure long-term relationships.

Together With Guidde:

Explain & Document The Most Complex Tasks In Seconds With AI ⏲️

It’s time you let AI do the explaining instead of you. Guidde is an AI-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI generated documentation:

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides;
  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster;
  • Use it to document workflows for your teammates, share insights across your company, train and onboard new hires, and much more.

Guidde is used and trusted by 20,000+ users. And we’re rated 5/5 stars on the Google Chrome store.

Try It Now →


An AI Tool That Is Borderline Illegal

Descript offers ultra-realistic voice cloning service that is essentially a “deepfake” for your voice called Overdub.

Overdub’s voice feature lets you create a text-to-speech model that blends in with real recordings, allows trusted collaborates to generate your audio, and protects against voice theft.

Plus, when paired with the Descript suite, you can correct your recordings as simple as typing. You can replace any words or phrases that are missing in your audio or video tracks without having to go back into the studio.

This isn’t the only solution Descript offers, but it’s definitely one of their coolest ones.

On a somewhat related note…

Just this week, an anonymous account posted AI-generated “leaked recordings” of Sudan’s ex-president, Omar al-Bashir, adding confusion to a country torn apart by civil war.

And a month ago, scammers were using voice cloning tech to try to convince a worried mother to send ransom money for her daughter.

If you’re going to use voice tech, make sure you go with the strongest security solution – one data leak here and everyone will be able to be you.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help turn your hobbies into cash.

I believe that anyone, including you, can turn their hobbies, talents, or passions into a way to make some extra cash.

Whether it’s something you do for fun or a unique talent you’ve got up your sleeve, there’s potential for profit in unexpected places.

And this prompt will help you figure out how:

Just click the prompt above, enter your hobby or interest, and let AI assist you in turning your interests into a new income source.

Give it a shot: Turn Hobbies Into Cash


5 Tools That Will Save You Time

  • Coolors: Generate a unique color palette for your brand, website, etc.
  • Palette: Colorize black and white photos.
  • Remove the background of any image with a drag & drop.
  • Socratic: Provides visual explanations of important concepts in each subject.
  • Guidde: Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides


AI Yearbook Photos Taking Over Social Media


Turning Popular Memes Into Realistic Images 😆


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Turn Canva's New AI-Features Into Cash