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Top Free Midjourney Alternatives 🎨

OpenAI drops their new feature, top free Midjourney alternatives, and 5 tools to improve your advertisements...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • OpenAI Drops New Feature With Jokes
  • Quick Quiz #2: Spot The Generative AI Image
  • 5 AI Tools To Optimize Your Advertisements
  • Adult Swim Thanksgiving Action Figures

Fast Snacks 🥡

Anthropic’s New Model Increases Context Window
Claude 2.1 now offers an industry-leading 200K token context window, a 2x decrease in hallucination rates, system prompts, tool use, and more…

New LLM For ALl X Premium Users
A recent tweet from Elon Musk stated that Grok will be available to all premium subscribers by next week…

How To Leverage AI Images For Website SEO
You can explore the power of AI images generation to help make your content more unique, and here’s everything you need to know…

How To Level Up In Your Downtime
Brilliant’s bite-sized lessons in CS, data, logic and more make it easy to build skills whenever you have five minutes…


OpenAI Drops New Feature With A Hidden Joke 🤭

Illustration: The Verge

ChatGPT’s voice feature is now available to all users for free, and in a post on X (formerly Twitter), OpenAI announced users can now tap the headphones icon to use their voice to talk with ChatGPT in the mobile app, as well as get an audible response.

This feature launch came at the height of OpenAI’s staff struggle with the sudden ousting of their CEO and messy negotiations for him to return.

The demo jokes about the drama by asking for the amount of pizzas for 778 people, which is roughly the same number of employees – most of whom threatened to quit unless the entire board resigns.

Luckily, both Sam Altman & Greg Brockman are back at OpenAI after the turmoil.

Together With MaxAI:

MaxAI: Use 1-Click AI Anywhere 🖱️

MaxAI makes your browser smarter than ever before by simplifying tasks with quick summaries, AI web searches, & quick email drafting. Use 1-Click AI on web pages, PDFs, and more!

Loved by over 1 million users and ranked #1 on ProductHunt, it offers time-saving magic at your fingertips!

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Snack Quiz: REAL or AI

Welcome to day two of the generative AI eye quiz. Do you have what it takes to spot the real picture?

Image One

Can you tell which image is real?

  • A. Image One 👆
  • B. Image Two 👇

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Image Two

Find the answer at the bottom of tomorrow’s newsletter.

Top Free Midjourney Alternatives To Create AI Images 🎨

The scientists are uncertain why these models would mistake nonsense words as commands, but they’re guessing that AI is inferring the correct word from the provided context.

Stable Diffusion

  • Features: High-quality images, no personal info required, customization options.
  • Limitations: Requires third-party app installation, technical requirements.

Dream by WOMBO

  • Features: Abstract art, mobile compatibility, community sharing, NFT art creation.
  • Limitations: NSFW flagging issues, ads in the free plan.

Prompt Hunt

  • Features: Multiple AI tools, cross-device compatibility, template library.
  • Limitations: Complex custom template creation, basic tier limitations, free 7-day trial.


  • Features: User-friendly, free credits, variety of styles, copyright claims.
  • Limitations: Customer service, censorship, free with daily credits.


  • Features: Free, user-friendly, advanced suggestion tool, multi-device use.
  • Limitations: No realistic options, lacks advanced features.


  • Features: Ownership of images, two modes for variety, evolve feature, mobile apps.
  • Limitations: Buggy UI, prompt recognition issues, free with daily credits


  • Features: User-friendly, unlimited images, “Next Prompt” feature, t-shirt mockups.
  • Limitations: Server capacity, no mobile apps.

5 AI Tools To Optimize Your Advertisements

Headlime: A landing page copywriting tool that can help you generate high-converting landing page headlines and copy.

Adext: A platform for digital advertising that can help you improve your Return on Ad Spending (ROAS).

AdZis: A tool that can help you create better display ads for retail.

Opteo: A tool that helps you optimize your search ads.

Seventh Sense: A tool that can help you identify and target the right customer segments for your ads.

Thanksgiving Action Figures


 Correct Answer ✔️

The second image from yesterday’s email was REAL.

The first image, with the biker facing away from the camera, generated realistic mud and tracks, but the rider and his gear are not clearly visible which helps to conceal the subtle inconsistencies. It’s also worth noting that the back wheel is not in motion.

Meanwhile, the second image, with the biker facing forward, accurately portray the intricacies of the motorcycle’s mechanical parts and the rider’s features. The front wheel also has a motion blur effect originating from a slower shutter speed in the camera.

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Top Free Midjourney Alternatives