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This Camera Makes Everyone Naked

The nude camera, Y Combinators best startups, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Disney To Crackdown On Account Sharing
  • Sora Competitor Goes Live: Higgsfield AI
  • Camera That Turns All Images Into Nudes
  • Hottest AI Startups From Y Combinator


Fast Snacks 🥡

TrojAI Raises $5.75M In Seed Funding
Lee Weiner, the appointed CEO, hopes to expand their AI security solutions for enterprises, aiming to secure AI models and applications with plans for U.S. expansion and product development…

Instagram’s AI-Generated Asian Fiasco
A couple days ago, Instagram’s AI image generator made everyone Asian, and now, nobody is able to generate Asian people…

The AI-Powered Voice Agent From Tenyx (partner)
A complete and authentic AI agent that delivers a frustration-free customer experience: Tenyx increases conversions, resolves inquiries, and qualifies leads with the most intuitive flow for your customers…


Disney’s Account Sharing Crackdown

Starting in June, Disney Plus is set to enforce its password-sharing crackdown, with CEO Bob Iger announcing the introduction of paid sharing options in selected countries.

We will see Disney Plus rolling out to both new and existing subscribers the option to officially share their accounts for an additional fee [kinda like what happened with Netflix].

Disney is also enhancing its streaming service engagement by merging Disney Plus and Hulu content into a single app, aiming to reduce churn and increase viewer stickiness through improved recommendation engines and unified user identities across its platforms.


Former Snap AI Chief Launches Higgsfield AI

Alex Mashrabov, formerly of Snap, has launched Higgsfield AI, a platform set to rival OpenAI’s Sora with its own AI-powered video generation tool, Diffuse.

Higgsfield allows for the creation of personalized videos directly from text prompts or by transforming selfies into starring roles in generated clips.

Unlike Sora, Higgsfield aims for accessibility with a mobile-first approach, promising ease of use for social media content creation on the go.

Despite being developed by a small team and limited resources, Higgsfield is carving out their own niche in social media marketing for real-time, realistic video content generation.

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Build Remarkably Relevant In-Product Assistance

Dopt’s AI Assist lets your users point to anything in your product they’re confused about to get ridiculously relevant explanations that unblock them and help them succeed.

In less than twenty minutes you can build on-demand, seamless in-product assistance that’s forever up to date.

With AI Assist, you can build:

💬 Explain anything — Let users point at anything in your product to get relevant help. If they want to learn more, they can ask a follow-up question;

Proactive error assistance — Automatic help any time a user sees an error;

📐 Contextual help hub — Surface relevant docs based on where the user is and what they’re doing.

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Camera Turns Every Photo Into A Nude

NUCA, a provocative art project by Mathias Vef and Benedikt Groß, has introduced a 3D-printed camera prototype that uses AI to transform every captured photo into a nude image within seconds.

The camera operates by analyzing the photo’s subject via a server, then generating a nude image using existing AI tools and a face swap technique to personalize the result.

This camera won’t ever hit the public market, but it will definitely stir the debate on the implications of technology that is able to create nonconsensual images.


Best Of Y Combinator’s Winter Batch

In Y Combinator’s Winter 2024 batch, there were double the AI startups from last year.

Some of the best ones include:

Hazel, by ex-Palantir and BCG alums, automating the cumbersome government contracting process;

Andy AI, co-founded by a former Verily worker and an Apple engineer, which offers an AI scribe to ease nurses’ documentation burdens;

Precip, born from FarmLogs’ founders, aiming to revolutionize weather forecasting with AI precision;

Maia, introducing AI-powered couples coaching for relationship strengthening; and

Datacurve, addressing the need for expert-quality data for AI training, particularly in coding.

Each startup stands out for its innovative approach to applying AI, from improving operational efficiencies to personal relationship enhancement, showcasing the diverse potential of AI technology across various sectors.

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Brave: Search API Plans At An Affordable Price

Brave is one of only a few global, independent search providers, and it’s the fastest growing search engine since Bing.

The Brave Search API brings an easy, consistent data structure, and full access to the entire index.

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This Camera Makes Everyone Naked