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The First Wave Of Brain Microchips

Discover how a brain chip helped a stroke survivor speak again...

Wahoo, It’s Friday!

Today, we’re talking about brain microchips and balling on a food budget.

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • Stroke Survivor Speaks: After 18 Years She Can Talk Again
  • If ChatGPT & SEO Had A Baby: Create Killer Content
  • Gourmet Leftovers: Craft A 5-Star Meal With What’s Left In Your Kitchen

Brain Implant Allows Stroke Survivor To Speak 🧠

At the age of 30, Ann suffered a brainstem stroke that left her severely paralyzed, and for the first time in 18 years, she’s got her voice back.

In 2005, Ann’s stroke left her fully cognizant with all sensations, but locked inside a body where none of her muscles work.

She had to learn how to breath again. Laugh again. Cry again.

Five years following the stroke, she went to bed each night afraid she would die in her sleep, and it took years of physical therapy before she could move her facial muscles enough to show her emotions.

Then, in 2021, after reading about a paralyzed man named Pancho, Ann reached out to Chang’s team at UCSF to attempt something even more ambitious: decoding her brain signals into the richness of speech.

To do this, the team implanted a paper-thin rectangle of 253 electrodes onto the surface of her brain over areas they previously discovered were critical for speech.

The electrodes intercepted the brains signals that would have gone to muscles in Ann’s lips, tongue, jaw, larynx, and face, if the stroke wasn’t holding her back.

A cable, plugged into a port fixed in Ann’s head, connected electrodes to a bank of computers, and for weeks the team had to train the system’s artificial intelligence algorithms to recognize her unique brain signals.

Things quickly went from “we’re going to give this a shot” to “wow, this happened quicker than expected.”

Ann’s daughter was one when she had her injury, so it’s like she doesn’t know Ann or what she sounds like.

We’re looking forward to the day when her daughter – who only knows the computerized, British-accented voice – can hear her voice too.

You can watch Ann’s story here:

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The First Wave Of Brain Microchips