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Tesla’s Cold-Blooded Layoff Email 🍭

Building car parts with Legos, Nintendo's Switch 2 announcement, and more...

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  • Tesla’s Cold-Blooded Layoff Email
  • Building A Powertrain With Legos
  • Apostrophes Dying Off In Yorkshire
  • Nintendo Switch 2 Reveal Coming


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UK’s Ministry Of Defense Hit With Data Breach
Hackers obtained the names and banking information belonging to an unknown number of UK military personnel, and members of Parliament were made aware of this last week…

Magic: The Gathering Card Record $3M Sale
The 1993 pristine 10 Alpha Black Lotus, considered the holy grail of Magic cards, was printed with the card game’s debut in 1993 — the card itself is unplayable in the current format because it’s simply too powerful…

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Tesla’s Layoff Emails Are Cold-Blooded

One recently laid off employee shared their off-boarding email:

I am reaching out to let you know that after a careful review of your permanent work restrictions and your role, it was determined that there was no reasonable accommodation that would enable you to perform the essential functions of your position in your role. The next step in the interactive process is the Alternative Job Search (AJS process), which consists of reviewing Tesla’s internal and external job board to identify potential positions. This is to inform you that we have not identified any openings for which you appear qualified. Given recent changes in the business, we also do not currently anticipate any such openings in the near term. As such, we are advising that we intend to conclude the AJS process at this time. As we have not identified an alternative available position, we will begin processing your separation from employment with Tesla, effective May 3rd, 2024.


Lego Isn’t Just For Playing

Renault has crafted an innovative hybrid E-TECH powertrain, blending their Formula 1 experience with electric vehicle expertise, sparked by an unconventional start— a LEGO model.

This powertrain began as a holiday project by Nicolas Fremau, Renault’s Gearbox Architecture Expert. Utilizing LEGO, Fremau conceptualized a simplified, clutchless transmission system.

The success of this model, confirmed through rigorous colleague evaluations, paved the way for over 150 patent submissions and marked the beginning of detailed development phases at Renault’s facilities.

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Rage Against The Apostrophe Ban

North Yorkshire Council has decided to remove apostrophes from new street signs to streamline their use in digital databases, where punctuation can complicate searches.

Residents of Harrogate, a town renowned for its high living standards, reacted with disappointment, believing that proper grammar on signs reinforces lessons taught in schools.

However, critics argue that while apostrophes help clarify written communication, their absence is less impactful in spoken language. And the council’s decision is in alignment with the broader trend of standardized street signs across the UK.

Switch 2 To Be Revealed Before April 2025

Nintendo confirmed plans to unveil a successor to the Switch console before April 2025. The announcement made by President Shuntaro Furukawa comes as part of the company’s end-of-year financial disclosure — a strategic move to transition towards the next generation of its gaming platform.

The reveal is scheduled within the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2025, aligning with rumors of a Q1 2025 launch.

Meanwhile, Nintendo anticipates a decline in sales for the current Switch, projecting a drop from 15.7 million units last fiscal year to 13.5 million this year, with expected decreases in net profit and revenue as well.

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Tesla's Cold-Blooded Layoff Email