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Target Launches Their ‘Amazon Prime’

Target Circle 360, Tesla's crash settlement, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Target Launches Target Circle 360
  • Tesla’s Autopilot Crash Settlement
  • Microsoft’s AI Laptops Beat Apple
  • Spotify’s AI Playlist From Prompts

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Grand Forks Startup Receives $1.1M Investment
Aethero raised over $1.1 million, largely from a North Dakota venture capital fund, to advance its mission of using drone technology to analyze and monitor infrastructure health…

Controllers To Use With iPhone Emulators
Apple’s decision to allow emulators on its App Store paves the way for iPhone users to explore retro gaming with various controller options, and potentially transforming the iPhone into an ideal handheld gaming platform…

The AI-Powered Voice Agent From Tenyx (partner)
A complete and authentic AI agent that delivers a frustration-free customer experience: Tenyx increases conversions, resolves inquiries, and qualifies leads with the most intuitive flow for your customers…


Target Launches Their “Amazon Prime”

Target launched Target Circle 360 this week — a subscription service offering unlimited rush shipping, directly competing with Amazon Prime and Walmart’s similar services.

For $99 annually, subscribers get free two-day shipping and same-day delivery for orders over $35.

And if you join the program before May 18th, you can lock in with a promotional price of $49.


Tesla Settling On Autopilot Accident

Tesla is nearing a settlement with the family of Wei “Walter” Huang, an Apple engineer whose fatal crash while using Autopilot has led to a wrongful death claim against the company.

Initially, Tesla was prepared to argue that Huang was playing games on his phone during the crash in March 2018, but now. they’re seeking to make the settlement terms, including the payment amount, confidential.

The settlement still requires judicial approval, with a court hearing scheduled to discuss further details.

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Microsoft Confident New Laptop Beats Macbooks

Microsoft is gearing up to challenge Apple’s MacBook Air with its upcoming Arm-powered Windows laptops, backed by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite processors.

At an event next month in Seattle, Microsoft will showcase these “AI PCs,” claiming superior CPU performance and AI-accelerated tasks compared to Apple’s M3 MacBook Air.

Microsoft is betting on these processors to enhance Windows on Arm with better app emulation and native Arm app support, including a recently released ARM64 version of Chrome.

They plan to equip consumer models of its Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 with these Snapdragon processors, and setting a vision for “a Copilot for every person.”


Build A Music Playlist With Prompts

Spotify is enhancing its music streaming service with the introduction of AI-powered playlists — giving users the power to generate customized playlists through written prompts.

This feature expands on Spotify’s AI DJ by utilizing LLMs and enabling requests like “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse.”

Users can fine-tune their playlists further by adjusting the mood or genre and removing unwanted tracks, and it will initially be available in the UK & Australia for Android and iOS users.


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Target Launches Their 'Amazon Prime'