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Stupid Simple: Validation Era… it Gets Deeper

The AI Influencer Debate

Hi there , Eder here.

I cant tell if shes real or AI I need your help.


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Let me go back a little I recently revisited one of our most popular topics: the Validation Era. And today, I want to take another angle on this fascinating futurewhere not just content, but our very perceptions are shaped by AI.

AI: From Background to Foreground

When I last discussed the Validation Era, we imagined a world where learning curves flatten because AI does the heavy lifting for us. Remember the idea of buying a fully validated workflow from experts like Mr. Beast? His process, once a secret sauce, could be accessed and executed via AI, without you needing to know anything about video production. You’d leverage a list of AI-generated prompts, applying these proven strategies to achieve similar viral results.

But here’s what I missed…

The Validation Era extends beyond simply using AI workflows. It hints at a more profound shift where distinguishing between AI-generated and human-created content becomes increasingly challenging.

A Case Study from Social Media

Let me share a recent encounter: an Instagram model who seemed too perfect. This wasn’t just another influencer using advanced filters to beautify their posts. The perfection here was… unsettling. My team and I dove deep to determine if she was AI-generated. The verdict? It’s nearly impossible to say but we are nearly 100% sure that she is not real


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The Evolution of Social Media Aesthetics

The journey from raw photos to today’s heavily filtered images sets the stage for AI to take over seamlessly. What started with simple photo enhancements has evolved to a point where AI can generate photorealistic images of non-existent people. How do we validate what’s real anymore? And are we ok being lied to?

Anticipating a Regulatory Response

As AI’s role becomes more invasive, I predict regulatory interventions. Just as we now see “paid partnership” tags on sponsored content, we might soon need markers to identify AI-generated content. Imagine mandatory disclosures for AI customer support, or tags distinguishing AI-authored emailsmuch like the legal requirements for unsubscribe options in mass emailing.

The Future of Content: Authenticity in Demand

This leads to my final point: the rise of raw content. As AI perfects the art of the synthetic, I believe there’ll be a counter-movement towards authenticity. We’ll value live streams and unedited posts more because their spontaneity resists AI replication.

The Implications for Creators and Businesses

For creators, this could mean opportunities to license their digital likenessesimagine AI-generated videos starring a digital Mr. Beast, produced without his direct involvement. For businesses, the challenge will be integrating AI transparently and ethically, ensuring that while AI enhances customer interactions, it doesn’t deceive them.

Let’s Chat About This New Era

What do you think? How prepared are we to navigate this blend of AI creativity and human authenticity? Are there opportunities here that excite you, or do potential pitfalls give you pause?

As always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Let’s explore this brave new world togetherwhere AI not only supports but also challenges our perceptions of reality.

Until next time, Eder

P.S. Keep an eye out for next week’s deep dive into how AI is reshaping creative industries further. Exciting guest insights included!

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Is This Instagram Influencer Real?

We’ve come across an Instagram influencer who appears too perfect, prompting a debate within our team. While many of her followers interact with her as if she’s a real person, with some even confessing their feelings we suspect she might be AI-generated
Definitely real Shes just like any other influencer.
Likely AI Something about her seems too perfect.
Unsure It’s hard to tell these days!
It’s AI No doubt, shes too flawless to be real.

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A post shared by Lalina (@viva_lalina)


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A post shared by Lalina (@viva_lalina)