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Stupid Simple: The Two Paths

The AI space was booming, and there was a gaping hole that needed fillingfast. We jumped in, worked nonstop, and within three months, Snack Prompt had attracted nearly 1.3 million users.

I’ve always emphasized solving problems at the exact moment the world needs them most

But is there more to this

Not everyone thrives in that fast-paced, high-pressure environment

Take, for example, one of my most successful friends who chose a completely different path. He tackled an age-old problemtoll-tag billing for massive companiesa decades-old issue that no one bothered to solve because it wasn’t seen as flashy or cutting-edge.

He revolutionized toll-tag management, making it easier and cheaper for giants like Amazon and FedEx. This “forgotten problem” turned into a multi-million dollar business. This experience got me thinking about the paths we take in solving problems.

Deciding on which problem to fix with your company or startup is critical Most will say that there are two main approaches

  • Speed and Innovation: Jump on new problems when they emerge. Be quick, be first, and outpace the competition. This path is thrilling and can lead to rapid growth and high visibility.
  • Steady and Strategic: Focus on old, overlooked problems that everyone else has taken for granted. These areas allow for thoughtful, deep solutions without the frantic pace of new market innovations.

So which approach is “better”? In my opinion, there’s wisdom in marrying the best of both worlds.

A New Path: A Hint of What’s to Come at Snack Prompt

Maybe there’s a happy medium between the two extremes. While Snack Prompt started as a solution for the immediate need of prompt discovery, we realized there was a deeper issue lurking in the AI space a problem no one was truly addressing.

We’re working on something special that tackles this hidden friction point, the elephant in the room that’s hindering everyone’s AI workflow. We’ll reveal more soon, but for now, let’s just say we’re marrying the lightning-fast strike of disrupting a new space with the measured discipline of revamping antiquated processes crying out for optimization.

There’s wealth and meaning to be found in both paths – the key is choosing wisely based on your ambitions, risk tolerance, and area of impact. Myself? I’m fired up to straddle these two worlds and I’ll show you exactly how Snack Prompt is doing it in the coming weeks.

Bigger picture, I hope this newsletter empowers you to think expansively about problems worth solving. Sometimes it’s the splashiest new tech, and sometimes it’s driving efficiency into what society has simply accepted as an inevitable drag.

The choice is yours, but there’s wisdom in being open to treasures hidden in plain sight. Let’s dive deeper into this topic soon! I’m excited to hear your perspectives on strategically mapping your entrepreneurial path.

Cheers to never overlooking opportunity,

Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt


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