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Stupid Simple: It’s a personal weekend email from our Founder

A new weekend email, taking you behind the scenes

Hi there

Eder here from SnackPrompt and The Daily Bite. Im thrilled to kick off our weekend chats together! Im calling it, Stupid Simple.

What a ride these past 10 months have been! Discovering ChatGPT sparked a revolution in my mind, igniting a passion to demystify AI for everyone. That spark? It led to the birth of SnackPrompt and not long after, The Daily Bite.

Together, we’ve skyrocketed past a million users and have become a beacon for AI enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

Its a journey weve embarked on together, and I’m profoundly grateful for every step weve shared.

This Weekend, Let’s Get Personal

As our ventures soar, I’m hitting pause to connect more deeply with you. Through these weekend notes, Ill share the heartbeats of our journey – the triumphs, the challenges, and everything in-between.

  • No partners. No ads. Just real stories and insights, straight from me to you.

Heres Whats Coming Your Way:

  • AI at Our Core: How we’re harnessing AI to stay agile and impactful.
  • In the Trenches: Real-time updates from growing our newsletter & startup and everything that we are learning along the way.
  • On a Mission: Empowering the next wave of entrepreneurs and businesses with AI.
  • The Leap to 5 Million Users: Our journey to scaling new heights.

My Promise to You:

  • Transparency: Open, honest insights into our world. Got questions? Hit reply.
  • Value: Exclusive content just for you. From tutorials to treasures, Im all in.
  • Keeping It Stupid Simple: I’m all about keeping things clear and enjoyable. Everything I share is broken down to be super straightforwardmaking the tricky stuff easy. Think of these emails as your weekend chill pill, something to look forward to for a smile and a lightbulb moment.

Together, we’re not just building a company; were weaving a story, sharing our dreams, and imparting the lessons we’ve gathered along the way. I’m here for every chapter of this journey, fully committed to our shared adventure.

Excited for this journey with you!

Eder Teixeira Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt

PS. I have a gift for you bellow!

I want to hear from you

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  • Behind the scenes of running the Startup, Snack Prompt
  • Growing past 1,000,000 users (how we are marketing ourselves)
  • Running a Newsletter (how we are running & growing the newsletter)
  • VCs: my journey of raising money from big & small VCs
  • Resources, tools and systems that I use to run our startup

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Gift: My Pitch Deck & the Prompt that I Used

A Closer Look: Our Pitch Deck Journey

Picture us: a small, ambitious team, diving into the AI world. Our early days were spent exploring countless pitch decks, searching for that spark. With ChatGPT’s help, we crafted our very first pitch deck, not just to create slides, but to bring our vision to life, focusing on meaningful connections rather than just presentations.

The Design Difference

A casual chat with our leading VC unexpectedly turned into a showcase of our design ethos on Figma. While we were showing our deck, we accidentally shared our Figma board where we kept all of our designs. And they loved what they saw

It wasn’t the deck itself but our commitment to intuitive design that really impressed them. This accidental reveal underscored a crucial lesson: the compelling power of design can sometimes make all the difference.

Refining Our Story

After our first VC investment, we received invaluable coaching to refine our pitch deck, focusing on our enterprise solution. This wasn’t just about narrowing our focus but rather accentuating what truly engages investors: our value proposition. Focus on showcasing how we make money.

Our Initial Pitch Deck

Behold the original version of our deck. It served us well and helped us bring in our first investor (click to open it).

Our Second Deck

And here we are now, with a deck that’s been polished, currently guiding us through the final stages of our pre-seed round (click to open it).

Now, heres the exact prompt that I used to make this deck

Yes I created this prompt after studying so many decks, and the results were amazing. I can tell you this I works. I been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars with this very deck.

Ultimate Pitch Deck Template for Raising Millions

This is the exact prompt that I used to create a pitch deck for


A Special Gift for Creators and Online Entrepreneurs

This week, Kai, our Head of Growth, and I dedicated countless hours to crafting something we believe will be incredibly valuable for all you creators and online entrepreneurs out there.

We’re excited to share it with you and hope it helps you in your journey to success!

10 Steps to Making Your First $1,000 with ChatGPT.pdf

The Creator Opportunity in the New AI Economy

Given that the prompt market and AI workflows represent a completely new and emerging industry we will teach you how to be among the first to embrace this new sector and 牠stablish yourself as a leader.