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🤓 Stupid Simple: Build at Night

The Best Advice I Never Knew I Needed

Raise during the day, build at night…

Just a few weeks ago, I found myself seated at a private dinner in Dallas, thrown into a mix of founders and VCs that you’d usually only read about.

To my right sat a board member from Upwork—the multi-billion-dollar titan—and across the table, a twice-successful founder who’d raised millions for his startups.

The Best Advice I Never Knew I Needed

As plates were cleared and conversations deepened, I posed a question that’s been in my mind a lot “How do you find the time to fundraise while running a fast-paced startup?” The answer was simpler than I expected, yet it hit hard: “Raise during the day, build at night.”

This simple, yet profound advice would’ve been invaluable back in April 2023 when we launched. Just three months later, we hit 1 million users – outpacing Facebook’s initial million by 7 months! Driven by user engagement, the thought of pausing for fundraising seemed counterintuitive. I just wanted to keep building…

Our Journey and Lessons Learned

Snack Prompt started as a Prompt Discovery tool, but our vision was always bigger – to onboard the next billion employees into the world of AI.

To turn this vision into reality, I knew we needed significant funding. Reluctantly, I delegated fundraising to focus on product development. Thanks to our head of BD and a swift $350,000 investment from Atlanta Seed Company, we seemed set for a while.

VCs were always receptive – some of the biggest names, like Andreessen Horowitz, even reached out! We felt validated. It wasn’t a struggle to raise, but a desire to stay laser-focused on the product. So, after securing our first investment… I paused… a mistake in hindsight.

Back to the Fundraising Grind (and Why It Matters)

Here I am, almost full-time back in fundraising mode, as we prepare for a major product launch. Interest from VC funds remains strong, but the process takes time.

I’ve come to realize that fundraising isn’t a side hustle; it’s central to our ability to scale, innovate, and deliver consistently to our users and team. A good founder continues to raise and never stops building.

“Great founders find a rhythm: building a game-changing product by day, and securing the resources to fuel it at night.”

For Those Who Asked, Here’s Our Official Deck

About Our Current Round: Pre-Seed

We’re in the pre-seed round, valued post-money at $7.3 million, with $650k still open and a few VCs looking to join. Who do we want to invest?

  • Angels and passionate users: People who believe in the vision of Snack Prompt (and AI) and its potential to revolutionize how businesses work.
  • Early-stage VCs: Those who understand the transformative power of AI and want to be part of the ground floor.

A Pre-Seed Round…

The pre-seed stage allows us to refine our product based on early user feedback before scaling aggressively. This presents investors with the chance to get involved at a crucial growth stage.

I Have Been Wanting to Show You What We are Building

In the next section of this email, you’ll find a teaser of our platform – the first end-to-end AI workflow solution designed to revolutionize how businesses integrate and utilize AI. After countless conversations with potential users and small businesses eager to adopt AI, we are nearly ready to unveil our product. It promises to simplify and enhance the AI adoption process significantly.

  • Our platform will increase AI workflow productivity & efficiency by 30% for teams
  • Save an average of 23 hours of repetitive typing per month (per user)

Some of our users asked if we would open up for angels and smaller investors, the answer is yes. Shoot me a message if you would like for me to demo the platform to you or your team. If you are looking to invest, I would love to have that conversation as well. I’m excited to share a demo of what we’ve been passionately crafting and discuss how you can be part of this vision. If that’s you, send me an message or reply to this email:

For Everyone Else…

I began this newsletter to pass on the lessons from my journey with Snack Prompt, aiming to offer insights that could help you excel in your endeavors. Helping others isn’t just about direct advice; it’s about sharing your journey in an honest way, hoping it could help someone else. Let’s keep learning from each other and pursuing this dream together.

Founder | The Daily Bite & Snack Prompt

This is What We Have Been Building…

The World’s First

End-to-End AI Workflow Platform

AI Collaboration for Teams
Snack Prompt consolidates all LLMs into a single, user-friendly dashboard, empowering business owners with complete oversight and control of AI usage, and drives productivity across teams.

At a Glance:

  • End-to-End AI Workflow Platform: From initial task to final execution, all within one seamless interface.
  • Unified AI Dashboard: All your AI tools and models in one place, accessible and manageable with ease.
  • AI-Powered Productivity: Enhanced efficiency for teams, with features designed to simplify every step of your AI integration.


Team-Specific Dashboards: Achieve Consistent AI Outputs Across Teams

Boost your team’s productivity with customized dashboards designed to match each team’s specific needs.

View relevant snippets and prompts, reduce clutter, and enable seamless collaboration with built-in tools for commenting, editing, and adjusting workflows directly from the dashboard.

Prompt Management: Effortlessly Manage and Share AI Prompts Across Departments

Centralized prompt management makes sharing and oversight effortless, ensuring consistency across your team.

Snippets: Eliminate Repetitive Typing with Shared Snippets

Enhance your AI interactions by using shared snippets for repetitive tasks. This feature reduces typing by 90% and ensures consistent context input, improving AI efficiency and proficiency company-wide.

Shared snippets make it easy to maintain consistency and streamline your AI workflow. In average, Snippets will save each user 20+ hours per month of repetitive typing.

Isolated Sessions: Isolated Sessions are a groundbreaking feature of Snack Prompt that allows users to manage multiple accounts simultaneously within a single interface. Each session operates independently, which means you can stay logged into several customer accounts at once — no more logging out or switching browsers to handle different tasks. If you are an agency, imagine being logged into all of your customer’s facebook accounts at the same time without the need to logout or login to move from one task to another.

Snack Prompt’s Isolated Sessions are your key to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Filtered Sessions: Filtered sessions allow you to tag and filter tasks, prompts, and snippets by client or project, ensuring focused and efficient work.

Only see what you need to see for that particular workflow or task, and hide everything else.

End-to-End Workflow: From AI Output to Completed Task.

Task execution is often fragmented, requiring time-consuming manual steps to move AI-generated outputs to their final destinations. This leads to disconnected workflows and inefficiencies.

With Snack Prompt, you complete the whole workflow from a single place. A new type of tool for the new age of AI

Output Comparison: Don’t Be Limited to One LLM

Optimize your AI outputs by comparing results from various LLMs within a single, user-friendly interface. Easily switch between outputs to ensure you get the best results for each specific task. Because each workflow is unique.

AI Activity Monitoring & Control: Govern and Optimize Your Team’s AI Usage

Discover Prompts: The Most Trusted Prompt Discovery Tool in the World

I want to hear from you

I Need Your Feedback 🔍

We’re thrilled to share the early stages of our Snack Prompt platform with you!

As someone getting a first look, your insights are incredibly valuable to us. Please let us know what you think about the platform so far. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping its development.

Your First Impressions of Snack Prompt

What is your initial reaction to the Snack Prompt platform based on what you’ve learned so far?
Extremely Excited: The features align perfectly with my needs.
Intrigued: I’m interested, but I’d like to understand more about certain features.
Neutral: I need more information to form a solid opinion.
Skeptical: I’m not sure how this is better than existing solutions.
Disappointed: It doesn’t meet my expectations based on the description.

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