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Starting A Business On A Ramen-Sized Budget 🍜

Free tools to jumpstart your business, and an app that knows why you’re baby is crying…

You Don’t Need A Bajillion Dollars To Build A Business

All you have to have are the right tools, a little know-how, and the drive to secure your first customers.

More on that in just a bit…

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • App That Tells You Why Your Baby Is Crying
  • AI Can Manage Your Business Projects
  • Starting A Business With $0.00
  • How To Beat Procrastination Forever
  • 5 Must-Try AI Tools For Maximum Efficiency
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s Photorealistic VR
  • AI Generated Hidden Text Images


Fast Snacks 🥡

Biden VS AI
Joe Biden said he’s planning to introduce an executive order in the coming weeks dealing with artificial intelligence…Supply Of Nvidia’s AI Chips Improving
Microsoft is now getting more of the computer chips it needs for AI from Nvidia, which is good news because there was a shortage before…Microsoft Finally Realized Paint Needed a Makeover
Microsoft is testing an AI-powered image creator for Windows 11 Paint…Amazon Cracks Down On AI-Generated Books
People are raking in profits selling AI-generated books, and Amazon isn’t too thrilled about it…


App That Tells You Exactly Why Your Baby is Crying 🍼

CryAnalyzer, an AI-powered parenting app, will tell you why your baby is crying after a 5-second audio clip.

Each baby cries in a different way, and each one of those cries means a different thing.

You may eventually notice it after many endless crying sessions, but now you don’t have to wait weeks of sleepless nights to figure it out.

You’re living in the future. And in the future, an app can read your baby’s mind.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your little bundle of joy [or soon-to-be tears] lets out a cry, and you think, “What’s the secret message this time?
  • You whip out your mobile device, open up CryAnalyzer, and record your baby’s cry for 5 seconds.
  • The app digs into a treasure trove of 20,000+ crying baby sounds stored in the app’s data vault.
  • Based on the historical data it will personalize an algorithm to identify your baby’s emotional state for clear accuracy every time.

Hungry? Sleepy? In pain? It’s a baby emotion detector in your pocket.

You can download CryAnalyzer from both the Play Store and the App Store.

However, if you’re more of an old-fashioned baby detective, this video is super helpful:


Together With Height:

The First & Only AI Project Manager 🤖

Project management is necessary — it’s how we stay in sync and hit deadlines. But it’s often stressful and complicated.

Enter Height, the first and only AI project manager. Offload the repetitive, tedious work of managing projects to your AI Copilot, so you can focus on the work that matters.

Sign up to stay in the loop on what’s next.

Sign Up Now →


Building Your Biz When You’re Broke As A Joke 🧰

No. you really don’t need that fancy office space, a huge budget, or a team of experts to get your business off the ground.

All you need is a toolbox of various free AI-powered [and non-AI-powered] tools. These essentials will cover you throughout every phase of your solopreneur journey:

1. The Brainstorming Phase 🧠
Staring at a blank page with writer’s block? Use ChatGPT to get the ideas flowing.

Having a brain freeze on a catchy business name? Use Namelix to generate short, branded names.

Struggling with logo design? Use Canva or Midjourney to generate a unique design.

2. The Startup Phase 🦄
Drowning in paperwork and repetitive tasks? Use Zapier to automate your workflow.

Trying to craft some custom code, but don’t know how? Use Google Bard to build it for you.

Lost in a sea of payment methods? Use Stripe to consolidate your payments in one place.

3. The Growth Phase 🚀
Can’t keep track of meetings and appointments? Use Calendly to set your open time slots and let people book ‘em while you’re away from your keyword.

Building an email list to start generating ad revenue? Use Beehiiv for their simple newsletter-building features & internal ad network.

Don’t have the time to market on social media all day? Use Hyperfury to schedule your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts ahead of time.

That’s Everything You Need
With these bad boys at your fingertips, you’ve officially run out of excuses for not turning those business dreams into reality.

Unless your superpower is procrastination, I can’t help you with that…

Or maybe I can with the following prompt:

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will give you tailored strategies to beat procrastination forever…

You’ve set goals, made schedules, downloaded the apps, and created endless to-do lists…

Yet that pesky procrastination monster? It just wouldn’t give in.

There’s a reason why those strategies didn’t quite work for you.

They were one-size-fits-all solutions that overlooked the most critical element—you.

They didn’t take into account YOUR unique personality, YOUR individual triggers, and the very dreams that drive YOU.

Introducing the One-Click Procrastination Buster:

All you need to do is click the prompt, tell us about your personality, and let ChatGPT craft a strategy that will outsmart your avoidance abilities.

Go try it out: One-Click Procrastination Buster


5 Must-Try AI Tools for Max Productivity

    • Notably: Discover insights from research data instantly with this AI-powered platform.
    • Sphere: Scan a space with your phone and let AI create a photorealistic 3D tour.
    • Resume Trick: Create professional resumes and cover letters quickly by using customizable templates, an AI-powered assistant, and easy-to-use features.
    • Spacebar: Turn your conversations into tangible insights and solutions. Conversations are private by default and can be deleted at any time.
    • myReach: Your personal ChatGPT for docs, PDFs, notes, and articles. Chat with your knowledge, connect your things, and create a 3D visual graph of everything.


Mark Zuckerberg’s First Photorealistic VR Podcast 🤯


AI-Generated Images + Tutorial

Soon after pattern illusion images took off, subtle text images began to creep their way onto the viral AI stage.

I kept seeing these strange images in my social feed, and I actually missed a lot of them until I took a few steps back from my computer.

Like this one for example:

So now you’ve seen them and you’re intrigued, but how do you create a few of your own?

Well, you’ve gotta watch this tutorial:


You Earned A Few Memes 👏


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Starting A Business On A Ramen-Sized Budget