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Stability AI Seeks Potential Buyer 🍭

Netflix ad tier hits 40M users, Grok expanding into Europe, and more...

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  • Stability AI Seeks Potential Buyer
  • Samsung Inspired By Botched Apple Ad
  • Stolen Phone Detection From Android
  • Regulators Crack Down On Self-Driving Cars

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Netflix’s Ad Tier Hits 40M Users
Netflix’s ad-supported tier has reached 40 million monthly users globally, up from 23 million earlier this year, and the company plans to launch an in-house ad tech platform to further expand its advertising capabilities…

Europe Isn’t Happy With Temu
The European consumer organization BEUC and 17 member groups have accused e-commerce platform Temu of violating Digital Services Act (DSA) with misleading products, and lack of transparency…

Elon’s Grok Arrives In Europe
The Global Affairs account on X announced that they are beginning to roll out access to Grok’s AI search assistant feature to X Premium Subscribers, and will for everyone after European Elections conclude…


Stability AI Seemingly Anything But Stable

Stability AI, a British AI startup, is reportedly in talks with potential buyers due to a severe cash crunch — in Q1 2024, the company generated less than $5 million in revenue but lost over $30 million.

Plus, they owe around $100 million to cloud providers and others. This comes after recent layoffs and the resignation of founder Emad Mostaque as CEO.

Samsung Tries To Get Creative From Failed Apple Ad

Samsung poked fun at Apple’s controversial “Crush” ad, which smashed instruments and art to promote the new iPad Pro.

The Samsung “UnCrush” ad features a woman playing guitar with the help of a Galaxy Tab S9, showing off Samsung’s AI capabilities. The ad, created by BBH USA, mimics the aftermath of Apple’s ad but highlights creativity instead of destruction.

Samsung has a history of mocking Apple, though recent attempts have been less impactful. Still, it’s amusing to see Samsung targeting Apple’s missteps once again.


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Android Able To Detect Snatched Phones

Google’s Android 15 beta introduces a theft detection feature that locks your phone if it’s snatched from your hands.

The feature will also lock the screen if someone tries to take the phone offline or remotely locking your device by visiting a specific website — these updates will be available later this year for Android 10+ phones.


Free Ride Over For Self-Driving Cars

@kilowattsapp Hello officer, sry i got a little confused #waymo #autonomous ♬ original sound – kilowattsapp

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [NHTSA] has opened investigations into companies like Tesla, Ford, Waymo, Cruise, and Zoox for safety issues, examining hundreds of crashes, some fatal.

As such, the NHTSA now requires car companies to report crashes involving autonomous and Level 2 driver-assist systems within 30 seconds of impact with near-miss reports that complement NHTSA’s crash data.

We are entering a more scrutinizing phase for the relationship between regulators and the AV industry, pushing companies to ensure their safety claims are legitimate.

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Stability AI Seeks Potential Buyer