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A Sneak Peak At Spotify’s Leaked AI Feature 🤫

Playlists may be getting a power up, podcasts get summarized, and AI images get weirder...

How Often Do You Find Good Music?

Discovering underground songs & artists has become somewhat of a pain. No matter how far you go, algorithms always pull you back to mainstream music.

But it looks like AI features are changing the music industry for the better…


Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Spotify Spotted Developing AI-Powered Playlists
  • No Time For Listening To Podcasts? Try This
  • Instantly Generate The Perfect Music Playlist
  • 5 Mind-Blowing AI Tools
  • Las Vegas Is Ready For Spooky Szn
  • Warning: Weird AF Images


Fast Snacks 🥡

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LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools
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Happy Birthday Canva
Canva celebrates its 10th anniversary with the announcement of new AI tools to the editing app…

Can AI Popstars Make It In The Real World?

They sing, they dance, they model, but they don’t exist in real life – virtual influencers are trying to break out of the metaverse and into the charts…


Spotify Spotted Developing Playlists Created By Prompts 🎵


Earlier this year, Spotify introduced their AI-driven DJ feature and recently unveiled their AI-translated podcasts – but there’s still more to come in the form of AI-powered playlists.

The app’s code suggests that Spotify might be working on generative AI playlists that users can tailor using prompts.

A tech expert discovered these additions and shared screenshots of the code mentioning “AI playlists” and “playlists based on your prompts.”

He speculates that these could be part of the Blend feature, which combines the musical preferences of different users to produce a universally appealing playlist.

When asked about these findings, Spotify did not confirm their plans regarding AI playlists.

At Spotify, we are always evolving our product to enhance user experience. However, we don’t discuss potential new features and have no updates to share currently.

A Spotify Representative

These code discoveries were made in the recent version of the Spotify app, indicating its feature is under development. While not all internally tested features see a public release, it does show Spotify’s interest in leveraging AI for music personalization.


Together With InVideo AI:

Turn Any Idea Into Video With One AI Tool 📽️

Imagine having a co-pilot to create videos – that’s invideo AI.

You can transform your ideas into stunning visuals, instantly.

Instruct the AI with text commands and get a ready-to-use video, including script, stock media, voiceover, and captions.

Make edits and adjustments with simple text prompts. Creation just got 100x easier for content creators, YouTubers, and marketers.

Test It Out Now - At No Charge →


No Time For Listening To Podcasts? Try This


Let’s shine the spotlight on a ChatGPT plugin I forgot to mention in yesterday’s email…

Shownotes is a ChatGPT plugin that allows you to easily convert podcasts into notes.

Plus, you can then ask ChatGPT any questions you have about the episode, which makes it super handy for deep dives into this un

It’s super handy for deeper dives into long-form content.

So if you’re one of our fancy readers with a GPT-4 subscription, you can enable this tool by activating plugins and searching ‘Shownotes’ in the plugin store.


Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help build a music playlist catered to your likes & dislikes.

Ever find yourself endlessly skipping through songs…

Feeling lost in a sea of tracks, unsure of what truly resonates with your current mood?

This prompt tunes into your musical preferences to curate the ultimate playlist for you:


Just click the prompt above, and share your mood, favorite songs/artists, and what genres/instruments you enjoy.

Then, let ChatGPT craft a playlist that hits all the right notes!

Give it a spin: Spotify Instant Playlist Generator


5 Mind-Blowing AI Tools

Kula: Source, engage, and hire effortlessly with AI

ListenMonster: Perfectly transcribe audio the first time

GPT Zero: Detect whether an essay is ChatGPT or human-written

Uizard: App, web, & UI design made easy with AI

inVideo: Turn any piece of content or idea into video.


It’s Spooky Szn 👻


More Weird AF AI Images 😆

Man shares his McDonald’s meal with a friend.


Instagram influencers in 2050.


Super sexy & realistic Mario.


Eminem having a cute tea party in his room.


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A Sneak Peak At Spotify’s Leaked AI Feature