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Snapchat Will Let You Edit Sent Messages 🍭

T-Mobile acquires Mint, FTC fines Razer $1.1M, and more...

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  • Snapchat To Let You Edit Sent Messages
  • FTC Mad Razer Made Millions With RGB Mask
  • Google Building A Fart Button Into Androids
  • T-Mobile Buys Mint For $1.35 Billion


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National Archives Won’t Let Employees Use ChatGPT
The National Archives and Records Administration tells its employees that ChatGPT could leak confidential data, and has subsequently blocked access to the chatbot on agency-issued laptops…

Biden Racing To Finalize EV Tax Credit
The Treasury Department is set to announce later this week the final set of rules around critical minerals in EV batteries that will likely shrink the credit further from $7,500…

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Snapchat Letting You Edit Messages After Sending

Snapchat is set to introduce several new features, including the ability to edit unread messages within five minutes of sending them — initially available exclusively to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

The update also brings emoji reactions, map reactions, and a new AI-powered reminders function to help users track important deadlines.

Snapchat is also upgrading its Bitmoji capabilities with AI-generated clothing options and introducing AI Lenses for creating vintage-style Polaroid images from selfies.

Razer Made Millions From Selling An RGB Mask

Razer is set to refund $1.1 million to consumers who bought its Zephyr face mask, which was advertised as having N95-grade filters—a claim the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has challenged.

The FTC asserts that Razer did not test the filters to N95 standards, leading to a proposed settlement after consumer complaints and negative media attention.

It was Initially marketed as a high-tech, cyberpunk-style mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Zephyr mask was later clarified by Razer not to be a medical device or personal protective equipment.

The FTC’s action also includes a $100,000 civil penalty against Razer and a prohibition against making unsubstantiated health-related claims, particularly regarding COVID-19.

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Google Building A Fart Button Into Android

Google is updating its Phone app on Android to include “Audio Emoji,” a feature that lets users play sound effects during calls, including clapping, laughing, crying, partying, a drum sting, and a fart sound.

These effects can be accessed via a button in the dialer during a call, and aims to add a playful element to phone conversations, though its practical utility may be limited after the novelty wears off.

With Google I/O approaching on May 14th, further details on this quirky addition are expected.


T-Mobile Buys Mint Mobile For $1.35 Billion

T-Mobile has officially acquired Mint Mobile, as well as its parent company Ka’ena Corporation, which includes Ultra Mobile and the wholesale wireless provider Plum — an acquisition valued at up to $1.35B.

Despite the change in ownership, Mint will maintain its popular $15 per month plan for 5GB of data, with payments required three months in advance.

Mint and Ultra Mobile customers will now also benefit from T-Mobile’s scam call screening service and free Canada roaming, while Ultra customers will receive enhanced data roaming in Mexico.

Mint founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim will join T-Mobile to lead the brands, with Ryan Reynolds continuing as Mint’s ambassador.

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Snapchat Will Let You Edit Sent Messages