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Single Selfie Can Create Full AI Video

Google's VLOGGER, Sora's Hollywood audition, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Turn A Single Selfie To Full Blown Video
  • Improving Your ChatGPT Game
  • Sora Pushes For The Big Screen
  • Redditors Vent About Hatred For AI Art

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OpenAI Files ‘Digital Voice Assistant’ Trademark
News of a trademark application, for a “voice engine” and to build “digital voice assistants”, came a day after Sam Altman hinted at other releases before GPT-5…

Google To Show AI-Search Results More Users
If you’re in the US, you might see a new shaded section at the top of your Google Search results with a summary answering your inquiry, along with links for more information…

Real-Time Data For Your Next Project (partner)
The Brave Search API can fuel your AI applications with high-quality, real-time web data based on billions of indexed pages…


Turning A Single Selfie Into An AI Avatar

Google researchers have introduced VLOGGER, an artificial intelligence system capable of transforming single still photos into dynamic, lifelike videos.

All it needs is a photo and your voice, and VLOGGER will cook up a realistic video of you, complete with facial expressions, hand gestures, and the whole shebang. Pretty wild, right?

Unlike previous methods, VLOGGER does not require training for each individual, making it more versatile and efficient. It leverages a vast dataset called MENTOR, containing over 800,000 diverse identities and 2,200 hours of video.

VLOGGER learns to create videos with varied ethnicities, ages, clothing, poses, and surroundings, without bias… so they claim.

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Sora Coming To The Silver Screen

Reports reveal that OpenAI is actively engaging with Hollywood studios, talent agencies, and media executives in Los Angeles to forge partnerships and showcase Sora’s capabilities.

Meaning, OpenAI’s Sora is making a play for Hollywood.

While the AI model is yet to be released to the public, its potential to completely change film production is already generating buzz in the entertainment industry. Famously, Madea, err, Tyler Perry, put a hold on his $800 million studio expansion after seeing Sora.

This move comes amidst ongoing discussions about AI’s impact on the entertainment industry. While some see AI as a powerful new tool for filmmakers, concerns exist about potential job displacement for artists and creative professionals.


Redditors Vent About People Mocking AI Art

A Reddit user who shared AI-generated fan art of a character from the video game Baldur’s Gate 3 in a Facebook group and subsequently faced backlash, leading to their ban from the group.

The user, marilynjayna, expressed disappointment over the negative reactions despite initial positive feedback.

Some Reddit users defended marilynjayna, suggesting that critics of AI art are jealous or unwilling to accept new forms of creativity, while others argued that traditional artists seek fair compensation for their work and view AI art as a threat to their livelihood.


5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

Superwhisper: Write 3x faster, without lifting a finger — voice-to-Text powered by Apple Silicon.

Forefront: Choose from powerful models, chat with files, browse the internet, bring your team, customize assistants, share chats, and much more.

Chaindesk: A no-code platform to create custom AI chatbots trained on your data.

Magic: An optimization tool that upgrades your AI workflow with integrations with Bard, Claude, Midjourney, & more.

Brave: Real-time, high-quality web data that you can use for your AI applications.

IKEA Manuals Made By AI


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Single Selfie Can Create Full AI Video