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Roku To Show Ads On Your HDMI Inputs

Canada's billion dollar AI investment, Roku's intrusive ads, and more...

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  • Roku Wants To Show Ads On Your HDMI Inputs
  • Elon Musk Says His Posts Financially Impaired X
  • Google Books Indexing Bad AI-Written Works
  • Meta Denies Netflix Access To Private Messages

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Trudeau Reveals $2.4B Federal Investment
The Canadian government announces a $2.4 billion investment to boost the AI sector, focusing on job growth, technological infrastructure, and support for AI startups in sectors like healthcare and agriculture…

TikTok Closer To Launching An Instagram Rival
TikTok is set to challenge Instagram with the launch of TikTok Notes, a new photo-sharing app, featuring capabilities for users to share photos with captions in a dedicated space…

The AI-Powered Voice Agent From Tenyx (partner)
A complete and authentic AI agent that delivers a frustration-free customer experience: Tenyx increases conversions, resolves inquiries, and qualifies leads with the most intuitive flow for your customers…


Roku To Show Ads On Your HDMI Inputs

Roku is exploring new advertising strategies that could see ads being displayed on Roku TV televisions during pauses or idle times on HDMI inputs [according to a recent patent].

This patent would lead to the expansion of ad placements, extending to devices connected via HDMI such as gaming consoles and streaming devices, leveraging audio silence or image analysis to trigger these ads.

The patent also discusses using automatic content recognition (ACR) to tailor ads based on the content being consumed.

Elon Musk Says His Posts Financially Impaired X

Elon Musk, during a deposition related to a defamation lawsuit, admitted that his posts on X may have caused financial harm to the company, rather than benefiting it.

The lawsuit initiated by Ben Brody claimed “Musk defamed him by spreading a conspiracy theory linking Brody to a violent altercation between far-right groups.”

Musk defended his posting habits as driven by interest or importance rather than financial gain, even suggesting that contentious posts likely deter advertisers, contrary to generating revenue.

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Google Books Indexing Bad AI-Written Works

Google Books has recently been criticized for incorporating low-quality, potentially AI-generated books into its database.

Investigations by 404Media revealed that searches on Google Books turned up several books with content that seemed to have been scraped from Wikipedia or outdated sources, including phrases typically used by AI chatbots.

Although Google clarified that recent entries on Google Books haven’t yet influenced Ngram results, there’s a possibility they might in future updates, potentially skewing academic research based on language change over time.


Meta Denies Netflix Accessed Private Messages

Meta is facing heat over a lawsuit alleging giving Netflix special access to user data, including claims of them potentially having access to private messages.

Despite these claims in a court filing, Meta’s communications director, Andy Stone, rebuffs the accusations, emphasizing that while Netflix had programmatic access to inboxes, private messages remained off-limits.

However, here’s the juicy part:

Even if Meta is right, Netflix enjoyed a level of access other companies didn’t, and Messenger lacked secure end-to-end encryption until recently.

This whole situation reignites the debate about how much power social media giants have over our data and how cozy relationships with big advertisers can influence those decisions.

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Roku To Show Ads On Your HDMI Inputs