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Reddit Escalates Fight Against AI 🍭

VW to invest billions, OpenAI features delayed, and more...

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  • Reddit Escalates Fight Against AI
  • Volkswagen To Invest Billions In Rivian
  • ChatGPT’s Voice Mode Delayed
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


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Climate X Raises $18 Million Series A
A climate risk startup that mortgaged their houses to stay afloat raised $18M led by Google Ventures to help financial organizations assess the impact of climate change on their asset portfolios…

Firefox Lets You Choose Your Preferred AI Chatbot
Mozilla’s Firefox Nightly builds now offer users the choice to select from various AI chatbots, including ChatGPT, Google Gemini, HuggingChat, and Le Chat Mistral…

Super-Fast Security w/ AI Code Reviews
Get a security buddy for instant AI security reviews on every code change…


Reddit Escalates Its Fight Against AI Bots

Reddit is intensifying its efforts to prevent AI bots from scraping its public data, and starting soon, automated bots will be blocked.

Unless they have a licensing deal, similar to agreements with Google and OpenAI — reinforcing Reddit’s existing policy by updating its robots.txt file to clearly signal that unauthorized access is not permitted.

Reddit’s chief legal officer, Ben Lee, emphasized that the file’s “allow” directive has never meant unrestricted data use.

VW To Invest Up To $5B In Rivian

Volkswagen Group is investing $1 billion in Rivian as part of a broader software development deal that could total $5 billion.

This partnership will help Rivian develop its mass-market R2 SUV and provide Volkswagen with Rivian’s advanced software capabilities.

VW will initially invest via an unsecured convertible note, converting to Rivian stock after regulatory approval, followed by additional investments and loans.

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ChatGPT’s Real-Time Voice Mode Delayed

OpenAI has delayed the rollout of its new “advanced Voice Mode” for ChatGPT, initially planned for late June, to sometime in July due to lingering issues.

This feature offers nearly real-time, realistic voice interactions, and will first be tested in alpha with a small group of ChatGPT Plus users to gather feedback.

Full rollout for all ChatGPT Plus customers might be postponed until the fall. However, the launch of new video and screen-sharing features will proceed as scheduled.


Everything Else You Need To Know

Toys ‘R’ Us Revived with OpenAI’s Sora: The iconic toy brand Toys ‘R’ Us has released a partially AI-generated video using OpenAI’s Sora [see above].

AR Windshield Display Prototype: Distance Technologies showcased a prototype that transforms car windshields into expansive AR displays.

China’s Lunar Probe Returns: China’s Chang’e 6 spacecraft successfully returned with the first-ever soil samples from the far side of the Moon.

MTV News Archives Removed: Over two decades of MTV News stories have been taken offline by Paramount Global.


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Augie: All-In-One AI Video Studio

Augie announced the commercial launch of its flagship platform, Augie Studio, an all-in-one video studio that empowers businesses of any size, creators, marketers and AI enthusiasts to create compelling social video content at scale — regardless of their experience or skill set.

Augie Studio includes access to over 100 million pieces of pre-licensed high quality content from Getty Images, including stock photography, clips, and background music. Paying tiers also include AI-enhanced script-writing, inline recording, hundreds of pre-built AI voices, and Augie’s core automated storyboarding technology.

Key features:

Dynamic asset library: Instantly access & organize media, scan footage in seconds, & enjoy 100+ million Getty Images for Premium users.

🔥 Automatic content creation: Easily create storyboards, find matching media, & make unique clips with Augie.

👉Pro-Level Editing: Apply transitions, captions, music, & effects with a click, no tutorials needed.

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Reddit Escalates Fight Against AI