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Prompt-To-Gaming Is So Close 🎮

A new, AI-powered text-based game, KREA’s generative AI updates, and more!

Dude, The Weekend Is Here…

…and people are still building incredible stuff with the help of AI. Today, we’re talking about a new text-based game, KREA’s updates, and more!

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Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Coder Develops AI-Powered Game
  • 3D & Webcam Integrations For KREA
  • 5 AI Tools To Get More Sh*t Done
  • A Guy Smoking A Chicken [?]

Fast Snacks 🥡

Introducing The Octo AI Image Gen Solution
Customize SDXL at scale with Octo AI. Generate 1,000+ images for FREE. Sign Up Here!

Microsoft Launches Custom AI Chips
Microsoft debuted its first pair of custom artificial intelligence chips designed to train large language models…

NVIDIA Says Generative AI Will Be Bigger Than The Internet
In the last 40 years, nothing has been this big. It’s bigger than PC, it’s bigger than mobile, and it’s gonna be bigger than the internet, by far…


A Dutch Developer Does Something New 🕹️

Pieter Levels, a Dutch entrepreneur and coder known for creating a variety of digital projects and startups, put a few days of work into building a text-based adventure game with the help of ChatGPT, DALL-E 3, and RunwayML.

While he’s particularly recognized for his approach to launching numerous small, profitable websites and apps, he’s been pushing the boundaries with AI projects left and right.

Some of his other notable projects include Nomad List, Remote OK, and PhotoAI.

If you’re looking for a valuable follow, he’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

Together With Deepgram:

Build Powerful Voice Apps With Speech AI 🗣️

Effortlessly scale voice applications with Deepgram’s AI-powered speech-to-text API.

  • Convert audio and video into text in seconds across multiple languages
  • Best-in-class accuracy, speed, and price with our latest model, Nova-2
  • Go beyond transcription with AI features like summarization and topic detection

The best part? It’s free to try with $200 in credit.

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Friday Trivia 📰

Which of the following is the first commercially available computer?

  • A. ENIAC
  • C. IBM 1401
  • D. Apple I

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KREA Expands Even Further 🤯

If you read our newsletter from earlier this week, you know KREA is making waves in the real-time AI sector.

And recently, they’ve expanded into turning EVERYTHING into generative AI possibilities.

From 3D creations in blender to your webcam:


5 AI Tools To Maximize Productivity

Anyword: A optimization tool that can help you improve the performance of your marketing copy.

Fireflies: A transcription tool that can transcribe your audio and video files.

Decktopus: A presentation tool that can help you create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily.

Clockwise: A scheduling tool that is popular for its ability to automatically schedule your meetings and other commitments.

Motion: A productivity tool that can help you manage your time and attention by blocking distracting websites/apps.

An Open-Source AI Model For Your iPad Art


What’s A Friday Without Weird AI Images

A guy smoking chicken.

“Bread Dead Redemption”

A man dressed up as a resume for his job interview.


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Prompt-To-Gaming Is So Close