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Please, Help, Someone Get A Doctor! 😭🩹

Five tools for web designers & Google's new search feature for health-care workers...

You Don’t Look Like A Doctor To Me

But I’ll tell you anyway – Google’s new search capabilities are upgrading how health-care workers find patient information.

Keep reading to find out how…


Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Google’s Announces New Search Capabilities
  • A Few Seriously Useful AI Web Design Tools
  • Prompt To Get Anyone To Do Anything
  • 5 Tools To Save You Loads Time
  • What’s Actually Inside The iPhone 15
  • Dwight Meets A Few Celebrities

Fast Snacks 🥡

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Google’s New AI Search Capabilities For Doctors 🩺

Google Cloud has unveiled a new AI-driven search capability designed to assist health-care professionals in swiftly accessing clinical data from diverse medical records.

This innovative tool aims to centralize information from clinical notes, scanned documents, and electronic health records, streamlining the search process for clinicians.

By posing questions like, “What medications has this patient taken in the last 12 months?,” doctors can receive consolidated answers, saving significant time and energy.

The feature also aids in tasks such as billing and determining patient eligibility for clinical trials.

While the health-care sector has traditionally been slow to adopt new tech, early tests with organizations like Mayo Clinic and Highmark Health show promise.

Plus, Google emphasizes that the tool respects privacy regulations and does not access customer data.

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Seriously Useful Web Design Tools 🕸️

Dora AI: This tool is setting new standards in web design. Using a simple text prompt, Dora AI can generate stunning websites complete with AI 3D animations. Its intuitive no-code editor allows for easy customization. Though still in its alpha phase, Dora AI is one to watch.

Framer AI: More than just a design tool, Framer AI can transform basic ideas into full-fledged pages in seconds. It offers a mix of layout, copy, and styling options, with a standout built-in copywriter feature. It’s the top choice for quick prototyping.

Uizard: A perfect blend of AI and design, Uizard can produce UI designs from text prompts and even turn hand-drawn sketches into wireframes. Its extensive template and component library cater to both beginners and seasoned designers.

Attention Insight: This tool offers AI-driven predictive eye-tracking technology, producing heatmaps that show user interaction with designs. It’s a must-have for enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.

Mockplus: A comprehensive platform for design, prototyping, and collaboration. With its vast icon and component library and real-time collaboration features, Mockplus ensures a smooth journey from design to deployment.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help you unlock your persuasion superpowers.

Yesterday, we talked about teaching anyone anything, but what if you could get anyone to do anything?

Whether it’s persuading your boss for a raise, charming your crush, or convincing your kids to finish their veggies, this powerful prompt will make it all possible:

Just click the prompt above, input the person you wish to persuade and the topic you want to convince them about, and then watch ChatGPT work its persuasive charm.

Try it out & Get Anyone To Do Anything!


5 Tools To Save You Time

Byword: Upload thousands of keywords or titles, and generate SEO optimized articles in just a few clicks.

EchoHQ: AI-powered customer agent with humanlike voice to serve your customers 24/7.

Katonic: Build, train, and deploy powerful enterprise-grade applications and chatbots without any code.

Arrtificial: Craft personalized canvas art using your prompts or suggested prompts.

Grammarly: Accelerates your writing process by writing in your voice, offering suggestions, and copying your style.

What’s Actually Inside The iPhone 15 🧐


You Won’t Believe This Isn’t Real 😵

A person is shining a light on an item that doesn’t exist, but the light refracts & reflects on it and even has a shadow.


The Office TV Show Mashups 🧻


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Please, Help, Someone Get A Doctor