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OpenAI Entering Search Engine Game 🍭

Tesla buys $2M+ lidar sensors, Chime 'fined' $4.55M, and more...

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  • Tesla Bought Over $2M Lidar Sensors
  • Chime To Pay $4.55M For Violation
  • Google Starts Hiding Search Counts
  • OpenAI Entering Search Results Game


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Reddit’s CEO Confirms Lots Of User Growth Coming From Search
Reddit’s daily users grew 37% to 82% during its’ first quarter as a public company, and CEO Steve Huffman says 60% of those users are logged out and coming mostly from Google…

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Tesla Bought Over $2M Worth Of Lidar Sensors

Tesla was once dismissive of lidar technology for autonomous driving, but now they’ve emerged as Luminar’s largest lidar customer in the first quarter, purchasing about $2.1 million worth of the laser sensors.

This purchase is notable given Elon Musk’s previous criticism of lidar as a “crutch” and his claim that reliance on it was a strategic mistake for any firm aspiring to develop self-driving cars.

Despite Musk’s public skepticism, Tesla’s investment suggests a strategic pivot or at least an exploration of lidar’s utility in its autonomous driving technologies. We may see this tech integrated into Tesla’s robotaxi prototype later this year.


Chime To Pay $4.55M For Taking Too Long To Refund Customers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB] has taken enforcement action against Chime Financial for not providing timely refunds to consumers after account closures.

Chime, a financial company with banking products, violated the terms of its consumer account agreements by delaying refunds well beyond the 14-day period it promised, often extending to months.

This delay caused significant financial strain for many consumers who relied on these funds for essential expenses and, in some cases, were forced to turn to costly credit options.

As a result of these findings, the CFPB has ordered Chime to pay $1.3 million in redress to affected consumers and a $3.25 million penalty into the CFPB’s victims relief fund.

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Google Starts Hiding Search Results Count

In Google’s early days, it was cool to know how many pages turned up and how fast Google was able to deliver those results — it’s waste of screen real estate today.

Of course, it’s not completely gone. You can click the tool tab after your search if you need to know they found 39,000,000 results in 0.73 seconds.


OpenAI Entering The Search Engine Game

OpenAI is reportedly developing a new feature for ChatGPT that enables it to search the web and provide cited answers — putting it in direct competition with Google and the AI search startup Perplexity.

This enhanced capability would allow ChatGPT to answer questions with information pulled from various online sources, including images and diagrams when applicable.

For example, a query on how to change a doorknob might return a detailed explanation accompanied by a diagram.

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