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OpenAI Co-Founder & CEO Fired For Good 😖

What happened with OpenAI this weekend, how to gain access to Grok, and more powerful AI tools for your arsenal...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • OpenAI CEO Gets Kicked To The Curb
  • Everyone Wants To Get Their Hands On Grok
  • 5 AI Tools To Make You A Productivity Guru
  • Bill Gates Partying At Windows 95 Release

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ChatGPT’s Co-Founder Lost His Job… 🤯

Over the weekend, Sam Altman, the co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, was abruptly ousted from the company. The board of directors cited “a lack of confidence” in Altman’s leadership, but did not provide any specific details about what led to their decision.

Altman’s departure was met with shock and confusion from both OpenAI employees and the broader AI community.

Some believe that it was due to a disagreement between Altman and the board over the company’s future direction, while others believe that it was the result of internal power struggles.

Regardless of the reason, Altman’s departure is a major setback for OpenAI, and many of the team working on ChatGPT warned that they would depart as well if he wasn’t reinstated.

Here is a timeline of events:

  • Friday, November 17: OpenAI announces that Sam Altman has stepped down as CEO. The board of directors says that they have “lost confidence” in Altman’s leadership, but does not provide any specific details.
  • Saturday, November 18: The Verge reports that Altman was working on a new venture before his sacking from OpenAI. It is unclear whether this venture is related to his departure from OpenAI.
  • Sunday, November 19, Morning: The Guardian reports that the OpenAI board is in discussions with Sam Altman to return as CEO. This comes as a surprise to many people, given that the board had just ousted him days earlier.
  • Sunday Evening, November 19, Late Night: The Information reports that the OpenAI board is no longer in discussion with Sam Altman to return as CEO.

And Sam wasn’t the only one to go either…


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Monday Trivia 📰

Which of the following was NOT a major search engine in the 1990s?

  • A. AltaVista
  • B. Google
  • C. Yahoo!
  • D. Lycos

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Elon Musk Gets ‘Community Note’d 🥴

Not all news on Friday was bad news – sorry Sam.

Elon Musk tweeted out that his AI model, Grok, would be available to everyone who purchases Premium+ on X [aka Twitter].

However, many current and new subscribers weren’t to happy to find a waitlist form when trying to access the model.

His tweet was soon marked with a note that stated, “Premium+ doesn’t give you immediate access to Grok. It is a prerequisite to join the waitlist for Grok.


5 AI Tools To Maximize Productivity

Loom: A screen recording tool that helps you capture, edit, and share videos quickly and easily..

Email Tree: A email inbox management tool that helps you unsubscribe from pesky newsletters and stay organized.

Wordtune: A rephrasing tool that helps you rewrite sentences to make them more clear, concise, and engaging.

Airgram: A transcription and translation app that helps you transcribe and translate your voice recordings and text messages.

Sanebox: A email management tool that helps you filter out spam and unimportant emails.


Pictures From The Windows 95 Launch Party


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OpenAI Co-Founder & CEO Fired For Good