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Nutrition Labels But For Bills

Cruise Robotaxis off the roads, new bill directed at gen AI, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • ‘Nutrition Labels’ For Broadband Bills
  • The Rise & Fall Of Peloton
  • Cruise Robotaxis Off The Streets
  • New Bill Directed At AI Generated Images


Fast Snacks 🥡

Discord Lets You Create Polls With Friends
You can make a poll with up to 10 different answers, set a time limit, and then send it to friends or post it within a channel…

Third-Party Browsers Report Record iPhone Users
Aloha Browser says EU users jumped 250 percent in March after the Digital Markets Act was enforced, and it joins Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and Opera in reporting user spikes…

The AI-Powered Voice Agent From Tenyx (partner)
A complete and authentic AI agent that delivers a frustration-free customer experience: Tenyx increases conversions, resolves inquiries, and qualifies leads with the most intuitive flow for your customers…


Consumer ‘Nutrition Labels’ For Broadband Plans

The FCC has mandated that most ISPs publish “nutrition labels” for their broadband plans to improve transparency for consumers.

These labels, required for all but the smallest ISPs started yesterday, and they detail the costs, speeds, data allowances, and any additional fees associated with broadband services.

Despite resistance from major broadband providers citing implementation concerns, the labels are set to become a standard feature for internet plans…

Essentially, they’re hoping you don’t get screwed over with hidden fees like I did recently with my Spectrum plan…


Peloton’s Rise [& Fall] From Pandemic Power

Peloton, once valued at $50 billion during the pandemic, has seen its valuation plummet to $2.1 billion.

CEO Barry McCarthy aims to reposition Peloton as more than a hardware company, focusing on content as its core value.

However, transitioning from a hardware-centric model to a media empire is easier said than done — especially in maintaining the allure of its instructors and engaging its community.

Amid layoffs, product recalls, and leadership changes, Peloton’s loyal fan base remains its stronghold, so maybe there is hope…

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Snack Quiz: Choose The Real Image 🔍

Can you tell which image is real?

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  • B. Image Two 👇

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Cruise To Resume Robotaxi Testing

A few months back in San Francisco, a pedestrian was struck by a human-driven vehicle and subsequently “stuck” under a Cruise autonomous vehicle.

The pedestrian, propelled into the path of the robotaxi, was trapped until rescuers could free her.

Initially, the SF DMV reacted to this by suspending Cruise’s driverless taxis, but they’re starting to appear in short-supply once again.

The only difference this time is: A human will always be driving for training data AND no passengers will actually be using their service…


Forced To Disclose Use Of Copyrighted Art In AI

A new bill in the US Congress, introduced by Congressman Adam Schiff, seeks to mandate artificial intelligence companies to disclose the copyrighted material used in their training datasets.

The legislation aims to bring transparency to the use of creative works like songs, art, books, and movies in the development of AI technologies.

Companies would need to register these materials before launching new AI systems, facing financial penalties for non-compliance.

While this move is supported by various entertainment industry organizations, addresses concerns over AI’s potential infringement on copyrighted content — the slowdown and “coolness” off AI models would definitely falter…


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Nutrition Labels But For Bills