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Never Watch YouTube Ads Again 👏

Bard's new YouTube update, Midjourney's future, and post-Turkey Day celebrations...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Google Bard Makes YouTube Ads Obsolete
  • Quick Quiz #3: Spot The Generative AI Image
  • 5 AI Tools To Improve Your Content
  • All The Turkeys Who Survived


Fast Snacks 🥡

64% Of Workers Have Passed Off AI Works As They’re Own
Generative AI technologies are being used in the workplace without training, guidance, or approval by businesses…

Robotic Excavator Builds Giant Stone Wall With Zero Humans
A “robot” named HEAP (Hydraulic Excavator for an Autonomous Purpose) is a 12-ton Menzi Muck M545 walking excavator that was modified by a team from the ETH Zurich research institute…

2023: The Year Of AI Startup Investments
This year has seen a remarkable surge in investments in AI with billions of dollars being thrown around – $29.5 billion to be exact…

How To Level Up In Your Downtime
Brilliant’s bite-sized lessons in CS, data, logic and more make it easy to build skills whenever you have five minutes…


Bard Can Watch YouTube Videos For You 🙌

Image: Google

Bard’s YouTube integration got a handy new update a few days ago that allows it to analyze individual videos to surface specific information for you without ever pressing play.

To try it out, you can share a video with Bard, and ask it a specific question about the contents of the video.

For example, you could paste the URL to a video of someone baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and ask a specific question about the contents of the video, like “how many eggs were used in the recipe?”

For the time being, this could potentially be a way to extract valuable nuggets from YouTube videos without watching two-minutes of pre-roll ads and skipping to the part of the video you actually want to watch.

It’s not hard to imagine a future where this tool exists right inside of YouTube, but right now, the only clear benefit is to Google & the consumer – the creator is definitely getting the short end of the stick.

Together With OctoAI:

Fast And Efficient Customizable SDXL With OctoAI

Building an image application requires much more than just a model. You need a way to manage and scale Stable Diffusion your way.

With OctoML:

  • Customize your models to generate images in your style
  • Unit economics that support your business model at any stage
  • Predictable performance through scale (you know, assuming your app goes viral)

Stop searching for the missing piece – OctoML has it. Generate over 1,000 customized SDXL images for FREE when you sign up here.

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Snack Quiz: REAL or AI 🕵️‍♂️

It’s Day 3 of the generative AI eye test – we’ve bamboozled the majority of readers on the last two quizzes. Will you win this one?

Image One

Can you tell which image is real?

  • A. Image One 👆
  • B. Image Two 👇

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Image Two

Find the answer at the bottom of tomorrow’s newsletter.


What’s Midjourney Working On? 👀

Upcoming Releases:

  • Midjourney V6 set to launch by mid-December, before the holidays.
  • The website’s features (Downloader and Collection) will go live next week.
  • Midjourney V5.3 has been canceled to focus on V6.

Midjourney Website:

  • The image downloader and image collection features will be available soon.
  • The image creation feature will be rolled out on the live website in stages, with users who have generated over 10,000 images getting access first.
  • The website will eventually have more social features similar to Discord.

Midjourney V6:

  • V6 is a significant upgrade from V5. It is more coherent and sensitive to understand the text.
  • V6 will have more knowledge than V5 due to a more extensive training dataset than V5.
  • Following the release of V6, the development will concentrate on character consistency, drawing features, and text-to-video prompting.

5 AI Tools To Improve Your Content 🧰

Adept: A powerful AI writing tool that can help you create high-quality content in a variety of formats, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns.

Quillbot: A a paraphrasing tool that can help you rephrase your existing content to make it more unique and readable.

Covariant: A content generation tool that can help you create new content from scratch.

Frase: A content optimization tool that can help you identify the most important topics to cover in your content.

Ubersuggest: A research tool that can help you find the most relevant keywords for your content.


Turkey Day Has Come To An End 🦃


Correct Answer ✔️

The second image from yesterday’s email was REAL.

The pinkish rose has a bit more detail with soft natural light, which is exactly what we asked Midjourney to generate.

The dark red rose, on the other hand, has higher saturation and contrast due to color grading after the picture was taken.

Even ChatGPT guessed wrong on this one.

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Never Watch YouTube Ads Again