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Neo NPCs Coming To Games Near You

AI-powered NPCs in gaming, China's medical chatbot, Stardew Valley, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Ubisoft’s AI-Powered NPC Conversations
  • China Unveils ChatGPT-Like Medical Chatbot
  • Figma’s CEO Shares His Optimism
  • Stardew Valley Drops Their Latest Update


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AI Security Market Fuels A $60M Growth Round
BigID has pioneered the concept of universal data security, compliance and privacy across any data type – including structured, unstructured and semi-structured – across environments in the public cloud, SaaS, and on-premise data center…

Watchdog Hits Google With $250M Euro Fine
A French competition watchdog said Google’s AI-powered chatbot was trained on content from publishers and news agencies without notifying them, and Google has pledged not to contest the facts as part of the settlement proceedings…

Power Your AI Applications With Real-Time Data (partner)
Brave’s search API is far cheaper than the Bing API, and it’s free for up to 2,000 monthly calls, and offers multiple, affordable subscription tiers…


Ubisoft’s AI-Powered NPC Conversations

Ubisoft is working with Nvidia and InWorld to AI-powered non-player characters (NPCs) named “Neo NPCs” to make video games more interactive and immersive.

Neo NPCs are still in the prototype stage, but they aim to engage players in meaningful conversations and decision-making processes, enhancing the gaming experience.

Although the technology shows promise, there are issues like awkward dialogue delivery, response lags present, and the fact that Ubisoft is the one tasked with developing these NPCs…

China Unveils ChatGPT-Like Medical Chatbot

China’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has launched CARES Copilot 1.0, a medical chatbot designed to assist doctors with diagnoses and treatments.

The model is built on Meta’s Llama 2 LLM and enhanced with AI capabilities like surgical phase identification and high-resolution MRI image generation.

CARES is currently being optimized in seven Beijing hospitals and boasts up to 85% accuracy.

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Figma CEO Is Optimistic The Future

In a live SXSW interview, Figma CEO Dylan Field shared insights on Figma’s future, AI in design, and web applications.

Despite the collapse of Adobe’s acquisition, Field is optimistic about Figma’s independent trajectory, focusing on supporting the entire software development cycle, not just design.

He views AI as a tool to both democratize and enhance design, rather than replace human creativity.

He anticipates a design trend shift towards a more optimistic “solarpunk” aesthetic, moving away from dystopian themes.


Stardew Valley’s Latest Update Smashes Records

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update has significantly boosted the game’s popularity, setting a new Steam player record with 146,159 concurrent players in less than 24 hours since its release — surpassing the previous record set in January 2021.

The update introduces a wealth of new content, such as the “Meadowlands” farm biome optimized for animal rearing, the ability to relocate the farmhouse, new pets including turtles and additional cat/dog breeds, support for multiple pets, and expanded NPC dialogue.

There are also some undisclosed surprises that players can discover by exploring the game.

The 1.6 update is currently available on Steam and GOG, with a minor 1.6.1 patch also released to address some bugs. Stardew Valley is also in Steam’s Spring sale catalog, making it an opportune time for new players to join or for veterans to revisit the game.

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Neo NPCs Coming To Games Near You