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‘Mouse Jiggler’ Workers Getting Fired 🍭

Intel i9 chips crashing, Cybertruck issues, and more...

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  • McDonald’s AI Drive-Thru Testing Stops
  • European Regulators Ruining Meta’s AI
  • ‘Mouse Jiggler’ Workers Getting Fired
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


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Clearview AI May Settle Lawsuit With Payout
According to a proposed settlement, Clearview would give away nearly a quarter of the company [$225M] to payout each person whose face it scraped for their AI model…

Apple’s Siri Improvements May Come Soon
Apple will introduce several Siri updates before the end of the year, including natural language enhancements and a more conversational interface…

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McDonald’s Stops Testing AI For Drive-Thru Orders

McDonald’s is ending its AI drive-thru ordering partnership with IBM by July 26, 2024.

This affects over 100 restaurants where the AI chatbot system was being tested since 2021. However, McDonald’s remains confident in the future of AI for drive-thru ordering and is exploring other partnerships, including a potential deal with Google.

The company continues to experiment with various automation technologies with mobile ordering, in-store kiosks, drone deliveries, and AI hiring tools…

European Regulators Are Ruining Meta’s AI

The Ireland Data Protection Commission [DPC] requested a delay in training Meta’s large language models on public content from Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, Meta was disappointment, arguing that European regulators are hindering its ability to offer a competitive AI product , but he pause follows complaints from advocacy group NOYB about Meta’s data collection practices.

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Remote Workers Fired For Using ‘Mouse-Movers’

@gabrielle_judge Will i get caught for using a mouse jiggler is the question we all want answers to. The answer is maybe so therefore there’s a risk. The more interesting question is why do you feel like you need to use a mousejiggler to lie about working? Does your boss suck? Is your job horrible? Or are you putting too much pressure on yourself? #careeradvice #toxicworkplace #jobtips #remotesetup ♬ original sound – Anti Work Girlboss

Wells Fargo recently fired over a dozen employees for using “mouse-mover” technology to fake productivity.

During the pandemic, these devices and apps became popular to stimulate computer activity and combat micromanaging employer monitoring systems.

The terminated employees were part of Wells Fargo’s wealth and investment management unit.


Everything Else You Need To Know

Silicon Circuit: Raspberry Pi goes public on the London Stock Exchange, seeing a 70% surge in share price since its IPO.

Truck Troubles: Tesla faces delays with Cybertruck deliveries due to wiper blade issues, following a recall over accelerator pedals.

Text Talk: Apple quietly announces RCS support in iOS 18, improving communication between iPhone and Android users.

Market Moves: Apple and Meta could soon face charges from the European Commission for violating Digital Markets Act rules.

Processor Problems: Intel admits it still hasn’t found the root cause for crashing i9 desktop chips despite a recent microcode patch.


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‘Mouse Jiggler’ Workers Getting Fired