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Midjourney Web Application Coming Soon

Opera GX enhanced by AI, and one prompt to teach your children [or yourself] anything...

Good Monday Morning!

Internet browsers are getting much-needed upgrades, and Midjourney is set to release their web application before the end of the year.

Today’s Menu 🥡

  • OperaGX Adopts New Features: Powered By AI
  • Midjourney v6 + Web App: Coming Later This Year
  • HomeschoolGPT: Teach Your Children [Or Yourself] Anything

Gaming Browser Integrates AI-Powered Feature 🕹️

Image source: PR Newswire

The Bite: OpenAI’s ChatGPT-driven AI browser, Aria, which was first introduced on Opera, has now been incorporated into Opera GX, a browser version tailored for gamers. This allows gamers to easily search for the latest news, tips, and other gaming information using an AI interface.

Key Points:

  • Users can ask gaming-specific questions, such as inquiring about character ideas for Baldur’s Gate or the release date of the game Starfield.
  • Aria maintains a real-time connection to the internet, ensuring up-to-date information is always available.
  • The AI is also linked with Opera’s “AI Prompts” feature, introduced in March, allowing users to generate prompts, summarize content, and create social media posts.
  • Aria’s access on Opera GX is currently limited to those using the “Early Bird” feature, which provides them with the latest builds prior to public release.

Why It Matters: The integration of Aria into Opera GX signifies an evolution in browser capabilities, offering gamers a more interactive and streamlined browsing experience. With real-time updates and AI-enhanced functionalities, users are equipped with an efficient tool that meets their specific needs in the gaming community.

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Midjourney Web Application Coming This Year 🔗

Image source: The Information

The Bite: Midjourney, an image AI service, achieved $200 million in annual revenue without external investments and with a lean team of 40 employees.

Key Points:

  • Midjourney’s swift updates and enhancements helped them surpass competitors and establish a dominant market position, even amidst the hype of OpenAI’s DALL-E.
  • Over the past year, Midjourney’s Discord user base skyrocketed from a mere two users to an astonishing 14.8 million.
  • The company is in the process of developing version 6 of Midjourney, transitioning it to a web-based platform, aiming to launch it later this year.
  • Apart from image generation, Midjourney’s team is expanding into video and 3D content creation. Holz forecasts that by 2030, their technology could potentially generate entire video games.

Why It Matters: Midjourney’s ability to achieve such numbers without external funding showcases the power of innovation and market fit. As the realm of AI-driven content generation expands, Midjourney’s anticipated offerings, including real-time video content and potentially AI-generated video games, represent a transformative shift in the industry.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will generate an interactive lesson plan for any given subject at the chosen grade level.

Educating your children is a monumental task that requires the right resources, tailor-made to their learning style, pace, and curriculum.

But how do you ensure they get the best education at home?

Introducing HomeschoolGPT – your all-in-one homeschooling companion.

From first grade math to college history, this interactive prompt offers modules and quizzes designed to challenge and nurture young minds.

Simply click the prompt above, input your child’s grade level and preferred subject, and click “copy and open ChatGPT” to begin the learning journey!

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, this prompt provides the resources to make education at home effective and engaging.

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Midjourney Web Application Coming Soon