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Microsoft Has A Credit Card Now 🍭

Future of console gaming, Twitch's new feed, and more...

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  • Meta’s Battle With ChatGPT Has Begun
  • Twitch’s TikTok Feed Coming This Month
  • Xbox Is Turning Into Next-Gen PC
  • Netflix Can Only See Money, Money Money


Fast Snacks 🥡

Amazon’s Fallout Renewed For Season 2
Just a week after the show first premiered, Amazon has confirmed that there’s more of its live-action Fallout series on the way…

Xbox Credit Card Is Now Available In US
Microsoft has been testing an Xbox Mastercard for more than six months, and they’re now opening it up to everyone in the US today…

Want To Level Up Your ChatGPT Game? (partner)
Discover the key to unlocking unparalleled productivity with HubSpot’s free guide to using ChatGPT at work…


Meta’s Battle With ChatGPT Has Begun

Meta has launched an aggressive expansion of its AI assistant across its platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, introducing Llama 3, its latest AI model, to power the assistant.

The Meta AI assistant is now accessible directly through the search bars and main feeds of Meta’s platforms, as well as via a new standalone website.

Meta also plans to roll out more localized versions of its AI assistant globally — aiming to reach its vast user base.capabilities.


Twitch ‘TikTok’ Feed Coming This Month

Twitch is set to roll out its new TikTok-style discovery feed to all users this month, following nearly a year of testing.

The feature will be introduced as a tab within the Twitch mobile app, and allows users to scroll through feeds dedicated to live streams and clips.

This new will help discoverability by showcasing live content from followed creators alongside recommended streams, and a clips stream will feature short videos from various live streams.

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Xbox Is Turning Into A Next-Gen PC

Microsoft’s Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, has hinted at a future where Xbox becomes more integrated with PC functionalities.

This integration could potentially include allowing access to PC stores like Epic Games Store and directly from the Xbox.

These improvements aim to merge the best aspects of PC and Xbox, making future consoles more versatile and developer-friendly.


Netflix Cares About Money, Not Members

Netflix announced in its first-quarter earnings report that it will no longer provide quarterly subscriber numbers starting in 2025, shifting focus from membership counts to broader revenue sources like advertising and paid sharing.

This decision follows a significant addition of 9.3 million subscribers this quarter, bringing its total to over 270 million worldwide.

Co-CEO Ted Sarandos emphasized that engagement is now a key metric for Netflix. This change likely means a shift toward a traditional cable TV model that focuses on increasing per-customer revenue.

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Microsoft Has A Credit Card Now