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Microsoft Firing Devs Left & Right 🍭

HBO price hike likely, Apple designer leaves, and more...

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  • Microsoft Shutting Down Gaming Studios
  • People Not Thrilled With iPad Commercial
  • Walmart Shopper Data Feeding Ads
  • E-Readers Are Out Of Control


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Apple Designer Duncan Kerr Leaves Company
Kerr worked on the same team as designer Jony Ive and helped develop “several generations” of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac — other members of Ive’s team, including hardware designer Evans Hankey, have also left Apple following Ive’s departure in 2019…

HBO Max Price Hike Is Likely
Warner Bros. Discovery may announce additional layoffs and increase the price of its Max streaming service, currently priced at $9.99 per month with ads, in their upcoming earnings report…

How Much Longer Will Tim Cook Last?
Cook is expected to remain with the company for at least three more years, with potential succession interest shifting from COO Jeff Williams to the younger hardware engineering leader John Ternus…


Microsoft Shutting Down Gaming Studios

Microsoft recently shutting down several game studios in its’ Xbox division, and it has stirred public outcry from Xbox employees.

With sales slumping and strategic shifts toward multi-platform releases, Microsoft is also contemplating changes to its Game Pass pricing.

Despite a robust lineup of upcoming games for 2024, the layoffs and uncertainties have cast a shadow over Xbox’s direction…


People Pressed About Apple’s iPad Commercial

Apple’s latest iPad Pro commercial has sparked significant backlash — especially among the artistic community.

The ad features a hydraulic press crushing various artistic tools and creations, and symbolizing that all these functions can now be accomplished with an iPad.

Critics argue that it symbolically represents the “destruction of human experience,” especially poignant when people have spent the last year grappling with the implications of AI and automation on creative and traditional jobs.

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Walmart Shopper Data Fed To Targeted Ads

Walmart and Disney have teamed up to enhance advertising on Disney’s streaming services, Disney Plus and Hulu, by leveraging Walmart’s extensive shopper data.

Advertisers will be able to match Walmart’s shopper insights with Disney’s Audience Graph tools in hopes to target ads more effectively by combining datasets in a privacy-conscious way using clean-room technology.

Walmart is expanding its advertising capabilities, evidenced by its recent agreement to acquire smart TV manufacturer Vizio for $2.3 billion, despite concerns from privacy and competition advocates.


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Microsoft Firing Devs Left & Right