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Instagram Testing ‘Unskippable’ Ads 🍭

Google lying to the public, Adams' estate mad at Adobe, and more...

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  • Instagram Testing Unskippable Ads
  • Findings From Google Search Leak
  • Adobe Backlash Over AI Images
  • Donald Trump On TikTok & More


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ChatGPT Cheaper For Schools & Nonprofits
OpenAI is launching ChatGPT Edu for universities and offering discounted access to nonprofits, making AI tools more affordable for educational and charitable organizations…

Twitch Disbands Safety Advisory Council
Twitch is replacing its Safety Advisory Council with members from its Ambassador program, ending the contracts of current council members.…

Spotify Refunds Car Thing Owners
Spotify is offering refunds for its discontinued Car Thing accessory before deactivating all devices on December 4, 2024, requiring proof of purchase from customers seeking compensation…


Instagram Testing ‘Unskippable’ Ads

Instagram is testing “ad breaks” that force users to watch an ad before continuing to scroll — users on X and Reddit have reported encountering the feature, which includes a countdown timer before they can resume browsing.

Instagram’s spokesperson, Matthew Tye, confirmed the test and mentioned updates will be provided if the feature is rolled out formally.

This new format, displaying an “ad break” icon and message, is seen as more disruptive than the usual sponsored posts and ads.


Biggest Findings From Google Search Leak

A leak of 2,500 internal Google documents has revealed a handful of eye-opening operations and contradictions.

User Clicks and Rankings: Despite Google’s repeated denials, the documents reveal that user clicks do influence search rankings.

SEO Industry Impact: The leak, shared by SEO experts Rand Fishkin and Mike King, includes details on data Google collects, which could affect how webpages are ranked.

Chrome Data Usage: Contrary to Google’s claims, the documents imply that data from Chrome could impact search rankings. For example, “chrome_trans_clicks” might influence which links appear below the main webpage in search results.

It seems like more critical scrutiny of Google’s public statements is needed — as they’re not practicing what they preach.

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Adobe Backlash Over AI Ansel Adams-Style Images

The Ansel Adams estate recently criticized Adobe for selling AI-generated images mimicking the late photographer’s iconic style.

Despite Adobe’s policy against using artist names in AI prompts, the estate claims it has been reaching out to Adobe since August 2023 without response.

Adobe has since removed the offending content and pledged to address future concerns directly.


Everything Else You Need To Know

  • Trump Joins TikTok: Former President Donald Trump, who previously attempted to ban TikTok, has posted his first video on the platform under @realdonaldtrump after reversing his stance earlier this year.
  • Palmer Luckey’s New Headset: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey hints at announcing a new head-mounted display (HMD) at the Augmented World Expo starting June 18th in Long Beach, California.
  • Meta’s Quest 3S: Meta may reveal the Quest 3S, a more affordable version of the Quest 3 headset, at its Connect event on September 25th and 26th, which will feature AI and mixed reality announcements.
  • Paramount-Skydance Merger: Paramount and Skydance have reportedly finalized a merger agreement, with an announcement expected soon pending approval from Shari Redstone, head of Paramount’s parent company, National Amusements.
  • Etsy vs. Temu: Handmade marketplace Etsy is struggling to retain customers as shoppers turn to ultra-cheap retailer Temu, with some Temu products being listed for higher prices on Etsy, a long-standing issue among Etsy sellers.


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