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Instagram Creators Using AI Avatars 🍭

Creators start using AI avatars, monopolies seek greater power, and more...

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  • Instagram Creators Using AI Avatars
  • YouTube Seeking Deals With Record Labels
  • Google Touting ‘Enterprise Ready’ AI
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


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EVs Still Have Major Software Quality Problems
According to JD Power’s latest study, with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles reporting 266 problems per 100 vehicles compared to 180 for gas-powered cars…

TIME Partners with OpenAI to License Content for AI Training
TIME has joined media companies like News Corp and The Atlantic in partnering with OpenAI to license content for training AI models…

Super-Fast Security w/ AI Code Reviews
Get a security buddy for instant AI security reviews on every code change…


Instagram Creators Using AI Versions Of Themselves

Instagram is rolling out a new “AI Studio” tool that allows creators to make AI chatbot versions of themselves.

This feature was initially available as an early test in the US with AI chatbots primarily appearing in messaging and be clearly labeled as AI — aiming to help creators answer follower questions and provide engaging interactions rather than auto-responses or no response at all.

Zuckerberg mentioned that Meta plans to expand this tool to small businesses and other entities, allowing them to create AI characters for enhanced user interaction.

YouTube Seeking Music Deals With Major Record Labels

YouTube is negotiating deals with major record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Records, to legally train its AI music tools using licensed songs.

This move follows the debut of its generative AI feature last year and aims to expand its capabilities by licensing music from more artists.

The company plans to offer lump-sum payments for these licenses, rather than royalty-based arrangements.

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Google’s ‘Enterprise Ready’ AI Leaving Hallucinations In The Past

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform is enhancing its capabilities to provide more accurate and reliable AI-generated information.

New features include integrating datasets from trusted third-party providers like Moody’s, MSCI, Thomson Reuters, and ZoomInfo, set to be available in Q3 2024.

Additionally, a “high-fidelity mode” allows organizations to source AI outputs from their own corporate datasets.

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Everything Else You Need To Know

Smart Binoculars by Unistellar: Unistellar is crowdfunding its Envision binoculars [see above], which use AR to identify stars and landmarks, but delivery to backers isn’t expected until late 2025.

NFL Sunday Ticket Verdict: A jury has ordered the NFL to pay $4.7 billion in damages for monopolizing out-of-market games with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket package, but the league plans to appeal.

FCC Proposal to Unlock Phones: The FCC has proposed a new rule requiring mobile providers to unlock consumers’ phones within 60 days of activation to increase flexibility and competition.

Apple Vision Pro International Launch: Apple has launched the Vision Pro headset in China, Japan, and Singapore, with availability expanding to Germany, France, Australia, the UK, and Canada on July 12th.

YouTube Premium Expansions: YouTube plans to introduce new Premium subscription options and features, including the ability to share benefits with friends, as well as AI-powered tools and experiments.

Partner Tool Of The Day

Augie: All-In-One AI Video Studio

Augie announced the commercial launch of its flagship platform, Augie Studio, an all-in-one video studio that empowers businesses of any size, creators, marketers and AI enthusiasts to create compelling social video content at scale — regardless of their experience or skill set.

Augie Studio includes access to over 100 million pieces of pre-licensed high quality content from Getty Images, including stock photography, clips, and background music. Paying tiers also include AI-enhanced script-writing, inline recording, hundreds of pre-built AI voices, and Augie’s core automated storyboarding technology.

Key features:

⭐ Dynamic asset library: Instantly access & organize media, scan footage in seconds, & enjoy 100+ million Getty Images for Premium users.

🔥 Automatic content creation: Easily create storyboards, find matching media, & make unique clips with Augie.

👉Pro-Level Editing: Apply transitions, captions, music, & effects with a click, no tutorials needed.

Try us out for free, or get one month of premium for free with code AUGIE!

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Instagram Creators Using AI Avatars