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Ilya Sutskever Starts His Own AI Company 🍭

Apple's smart locks, Walmart's digital price tags, and more...

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  • Ilya Sutskever Starts His Own AI Company
  • EU Wants To Scan All Of Your Messages
  • Snapchat AI Changes Your Image In Real-Time
  • Everything Else You Need To Know


Fast Snacks 🥡

Congress Votes To Advance Nuclear Energy
Congress has passed the ADVANCE Act to speed up the development of next-generation nuclear reactors, now awaiting President Biden’s signature…

California’s Governor To Crack Down On Smartphones
Governor Gavin Newsom pledges to work with the California legislature to restrict smartphone use in schools by August to help students focus on their studies…

Super-Fast Security w/ AI Code Reviews
Get a security buddy for instant AI security reviews on every code change…


OpenAI’s Former Chief Scientist Starts His Own AI Company

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s co-founder and former chief scientist, has launched a new AI startup called Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI).

This AI company aims to create a safe and powerful AI system, prioritizing safety over commercial pressures & success.

Co-founded by Daniel Gross and Daniel Levy, the company promises to avoid distractions from management and product cycles..


EU Chat Control Law Proposes Scanning Your Messages

The European Union is close to passing a law that mandates bulk scanning of digital messages, including encrypted ones, to prevent child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

The proposed legislation requires an “upload moderation” system to scan all messages, which could compromise end-to-end encryption.

Signal’s president has warned that this law would undermine encryption, and several organizations and Parliament members have voiced opposition.

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Snack Quiz: Choose The Real Image 🔍

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Snapchat AI Turns Prompts Into New Lens

Snapchat is introducing a new on-device AI model that transforms users’ surroundings with augmented reality (AR) based on text prompts.

For example, a prompt like “50s sci-fi film” can instantly alter a user’s appearance and environment.

New AI tools in Lens Studio will also let creators generate face effects, 3D assets, and more using text or image prompts.


Everything Else You Need To Know

Apple’s Hands-Free Unlocking: Apple introduces hands-free unlocking for smart locks with its U1 chip in iOS 18, but you’ll need a new smart lock to use the feature.

AT&T Price Hike: AT&T is raising prices on its old “unlimited” plans by up to $20 per month, but adding more high-speed and hotspot data.

AI Humor: In a study, Google DeepMind’s AI chatbots generated jokes with mixed results, including one about a pickpocket switching careers after a magic show.

Meta Restructuring: Meta forms new Wearables and Metaverse groups, laying off a small number of employees as part of the biggest restructuring in Reality Labs since 2020.

Walmart Digital Price Tags: Walmart will introduce digital price tags to 2,300 stores, allowing for dynamic pricing changes based on factors like weather and product expiration dates.


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Ilya Sutskever Starts His Own AI Company