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Humane AI Pin Catching On Fire – Literally

A warning from Humane AI, Israel's fake social media accounts, and more...

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  • Humane Pins Risk Catching Fire
  • Nothing’s Phone 3 Coming Soon
  • Israel Influencing US Lawmakers
  • All The Other Stuff To Know


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Electric Air Taxi Services Gets The Green Light
Archer Aviation has received Part 135 certification from the FAA, allowing it to operate its electric air taxi service…

Asana Introduces ‘AI Teammate’ For Task Management
Asana’s new “AI teammate” feature can now assign tasks and gather missing information for teams, leveraging historical project data to optimize work assignments and improve efficiency…

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Humane AI Pin May Catch Fire

Humane has advised AI Pin owners to “immediately” stop using the device’s charging case because of a potential fire safety risk linked to a third-party battery cell.

The company has disqualified the supplier and is seeking a new vendor, but assures that the AI Pin, its Battery Booster, and the charging pad are unaffected.

To compensate, the company is offering two free months of its subscription service. Wow — what a deal!


Nothing’s Next Phone Will Be AI-Focused

Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced that the upcoming Phone 3 will be the company’s first true AI phone.

Nothing plans to integrate AI deeply into its phones, featuring a personalized voice assistant and a dynamic homescreen that offers relevant information and reminders without relying solely on apps.

Pei likens Nothing’s approach to Nintendo, emphasizing fun and usability over cutting-edge tech. You can expect the Phone 3 soon.

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Israel’s Fake Social Media Accounts Influencing Lawmakers

The New York Times reports that Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs funded a covert social media influence campaign to lobby US lawmakers in favor of Israel’s war on Gaza.

The campaign utilized hundreds of fake accounts to impersonate Americans and post pro-Israel messages with a budget of around $2M. These posts, created using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, targeted US lawmakers, particularly Black Democrats like House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, calling for support of Israeli military actions.

Meta and OpenAI disrupted the campaign in May, identifying over 500 fake accounts traced to Israel on Instagram and Facebook, but the campaign remains active on X.


Everything Else You Need To Know

@danecook Installers told me last week that I’m the 3rd person in the United States to have @Samsung #TheWall installed. Boeing headquarters, Lowe’s headquarters & #DaneCook headquarters. Above It All doing very well and I spent my retirement money on self financing that sucker. #fyp ♬ Spent too much money on but is freakin sick – Austin Ware

  • Nvidia Surpasses Apple: Nvidia’s market capitalization hits $3.01 trillion, making it the second most valuable company in the world, just ahead of Apple.
  • Samsung’s Expensive TVs: Samsung introduces new MicroLED TVs in 89-inch, 101-inch, and 114-inch sizes, priced up to $220,000, featuring self-emitting LEDs for deep blacks and high contrast without burn-in risk.
  • SpaceX Starship Test: The FAA grants SpaceX a license for its fourth Starship test, aiming for a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico with the Super Heavy booster and a controlled entry of Starship.
  • Google Acquires Cameyo: Google acquires virtualization company Cameyo to integrate Windows app support into ChromeOS, enhancing the appeal of Chromebooks for businesses by allowing seamless running of virtualized Windows apps.
  • Gemini Live In Europe: The Gemini chatbot app is now available in multiple European countries, including the UK, Germany, and France.
  • Waymo’s Expansion: Waymo expands its robotaxi service to cover 315 square miles in Metro Phoenix, claiming the title of the largest autonomous ride-hail territory in the US, reflecting growing confidence in its driverless technology.
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Humane AI Pin Catching On Fire – Literally