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How NOT To Earn Money With AI ❌

ChatGPT's new upload feature, the fall of HustleGPT, and a prompt that can save your marriage...

Ideas Are Worthless 🙅‍♂️

Execution is everything. While AI may bring millions of great ideas to the table, it’s up to you to turn them into a profitable reality.

Continue reading to learn what happened to HustleGPT – the viral sensation that took the Internet by storm earlier this year…


Today’s Menu 🥠

  • ChatGPT’s New Superpower
  • How NOT To Earn Money With AI
  • A Prompt That Can Save Marriages
  • 5 Must-Have AI Tools
  • Is ChatGPT Better than Da Vinci?
  • Yummy AI-Generated Memes


Fast Snacks 🥡

I Have Nothing to Do With It
Tom Hanks warns of an AI version of him used to promote dental plan…Big Implications for the Labor Market
More than 40% of labor force to be affected by AI in 3 years, Morgan Stanley forecasts…Meta says its AI trains on your Instagram posts
Meta admitted late last week that it has used mountains of public Facebook posts to train its AI models…3.5-Day Workweek?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon predicts AI will allow the next generation of workers to only work three and a half days a week…


This Feels Like Magic

ChatGPT’s New Superpower In Action 🦸

ChatGPT’s newfound ability to process images, documents, and screenshots opens the doors to many exciting possibilities.

For example, McKay Wrigley took an early vision for Inception [pictured below], and uploaded it into ChatGPT – requesting a detailed breakdown:

Without any mention of ‘Inception’ or Christopher Nolan, ChatGPT was able to figure out that the diagram represented the dream levels and progression of the events in the movie:

And the use case doesn’t stop with the ability to examine obscure notes from the past.

Students could use it to explain diagrams and ideas from their text books:

Or developers could sketch out a desired landing page, and ChatGPT could write code without all the technical jargon:

As of today, this feature is only available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, but you’ll likely see it rolling out soon for everyone.


Together With Height:

The End Of Project Management By Humans 🤖

Project management is necessary — it’s how we stay in sync and hit deadlines. But it’s often stressful and complicated.

Enter Height, the first and only AI project manager. Offload the repetitive, tedious work of managing projects to your AI Copilot, so you can focus on the work that matters.

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Good Idea, Bad Execution

The “Fall” Of HustleGPT 🥀

On March 15, Jackson Fall decided to put ChatGPT’s skills to the test with the #HustleGPT challenge.

It was simple: ChatGPT would sketch out an ideal business with only $100 in capital, and Jackson would serve as the bot’s right-hand man, carrying out the plan in its entirety.

At first, things seemed to be going as planned.

ChatGPT proposed a sustainable living blog to earn ad and affiliate revenue, and Jackson managed to build out a website and brand based on the bot’s suggestions.

The tweets outlining the business journey also exploded across social media, which garnered over 20M impressions and began generating income outside of the performance of the new site.

An initial investor gave him $100. Then, a $500 investor. Finally, an ad attached to the viral tweet for around $715.

However, in no time at all, the buzz began to fade, and it was time to put in the real work.

Only, Jackson’s focus had transitioned into something else.

Then, into something else again.

And now, with zero updates since May, the website that began with big dreams returns only a 403 error.

So where did it all go wrong?

Jackson’s story is like many others:

An idea popped into his head, he spent a week working on it, and he moved onto the “next big thing.”

AKA Shiny Object Syndrome.

Eating healthy, going to the gym, starting a family, and building a business require lifelong commitments for exponential returns.

But, as with any exponential curve, the early stages can feel sluggish, repetitive, and sometimes downright discouraging.

Jackson had initially been fueled by a rush of viral fame.

He saw numbers skyrocket, his notifications exploded, and he basked in the praise and validation of the online world.

But, what he wasn’t prepared for was the plateau that inevitably follows any rapid incline.

The saddest part wasn’t that the sustainable living blog failed; it’s that it never really got a chance.

Jackson hadn’t given it the time and consistency it needed to truly flourish.

What’s the lesson to be learned?

ChatGPT is an endless well of valuable ideas, but it’s up to you to set clear goals, limit distractions, and stick with your project to it’s bitter end [or successful exit].

Earning money from blogging is still a lucrative venture in 2023. However, it requires months, potentially years, of publishing content, sharing on socials, and optimizing for search engines.


Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help you hold a meaningful conversation about your specific relationship issues with your spouse.

Who needs a marriage concealer when we have AI.

If you are facing challenges in your marriage and seeking personalized strategies to improve communication and resolve conflicts effectively…

This prompt is for you:

Simply click the prompt above, fill in the input with a brief description of the problem or conflict you and your spouse are facing…

And your chatbot will provide you with tailored strategies and advice to help improve communication and resolve those conflicts effectively.

Go try it out: Rekindle Your Marriage


Tools You Will Actually Use


DreamyRooms: Redesign any room by applying design themes to uploaded pictures.

Kadao: Extract web data easily.

Chapple: Your one-stop-shop to create content instantly.

PitchPower: Generates pitches and proposals for consultants.

Height: Offload repetitive, tedious work of managing projects to AI.



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How NOT To Earn Money With AI