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“How Do I Make A Bomb?” 💥

A Chatbot Without Rules, ChatGPT Vision Alternative, & Interesting AI Conversations...

A Bomb? Are You Out Of Your Mind?!?

ChatGPT isn’t going to tell you how to do that… but Mistral 7B just might.

Keep reading & we’ll tell you more…

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Mistral 7B Is A Chatbot With Zero Rules
  • What OpenAI Hopes You Don’t See
  • Simple Way To Teach Anyone Anything
  • 5 Tools That Change Everything
  • An Impressive AI-Generated Time-Lapse
  • Funny ChatGPT Conversations

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The Chatbot With Zero Rules ⚠️

Mistral, the French AI startup led by ex-Google and Meta employees, has introduced their own chatbot that removes strict rules & safety parameters.

Because there’s nothing more annoying than asking your bot a question, and getting a warning [or no answer at all].

Mistral follows what we call an “accelerationist model,” focused on speeding up AI development, even if it means fewer safety measures.

Accelerationists are the kind of people who believe that if we remove some of the strict rules in AI development and let it run free, it will develop faster and better.

It is up to developers — not builders — to make AI safe.

Arthur Mensch, Co-Founder of Mistral
For example, Mistral 7B could really give detailed instructions on how to make a bomb — a query that Meta’s Llama, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and Google’s Bard refuse to answer.

What’s their end-game?

Providing unfiltered, open-source access to AI that isn’t limited by what someone else thinks it’s right or wrong.

If you wanna give Mistral 7B a shot, you can download it from GitHub.

Together With Guidde:

Magically Create Video Documentation With AI✍️

Tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to your colleagues? It’s time to delegate that work to AI.

  • GPT-Powered Tool That Explains Complex Tasks In Seconds
  • Turn Boring Documentation Into Stunning Visual Guides
  • Simply Click Capture, Then Share or Embed Your Guide Anywhere

The best part? Our extension is 100% free.

Try It Here →


What OpenAI Hopes You Don’t See 🤫

LLaVA can see and understand pictures, explain what it identifies, and solve even the most complex problems.

It’s basically ChatGPT’s Vision feature – for free!

And it’s made by a few brilliant minds at UC Davis & Microsoft Research.

For example, this complicated parking sign has been doing rounds on the web, so we gave it a test ourselves…

First, with ChatGPT:

GPT-Vision Response

Then, with LLaVa:

LLaVA’s Response

And it worked flawlessly!

If you want to give LLaVa a shot instead of paying $20/mo for ChatGPT Plus, you can download it on Github as well.

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help you teach anyone, anything with ease.

Ever wished you could explain things better or help others learn effortlessly?

Whether you’re sharing DIY hacks with friends or helping your grandma navigate technology. 📚🤓

This prompt has your back:

Just click the prompt above, insert the skill or topic you want to teach and to whom, and let ChatGPT work its magic by generating explanations that make perfect sense.

Try to: Teach Anyone Anything Today


5 Tools That Change Everything

CodeAI: Optimize your software development process with this AI powered coding assistant.

Klu AI: Search engine to help you find, save, and organize information in one centralized place.

Voiceling: Enables you to dub and translate YouTube videos using AI.

Moolight: Your pocket memory assistant, an AI powered personal space for journaling.

Guidde: Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides.


Disney’s Cute New Bot 🥰


You’ve Gotta See This Time-Lapse 🕰️


Enjoy A Few Funny ChatGPT Convos 🤝

Turned ChatGPT into the ultimate bro


Well, I got what I asked for


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How Do I Make A Bomb