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Grok For All X Premium Subs

Why Google won't die, Grok access for all, and more...

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  • Grok Coming To All Premium X Subs
  • AI Can’t Kill The King Of Search
  • OpenAI Begins Paying GPT Creators
  • Avoid Being A Wearables Glasshole


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Amazon Adds $2.75B To Its Stake In Anthropic
The latest investment brings Amazon’s total stake in the San Francisco company to $4 billion…

Chip Startup Lands Massive $175M Series C
Optical interconnectivity startup Celestial AI raised a massive $175 million Series C led by Thomas Tull’s US Innovative Technology Fund…

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Nextiva (partner)
Experience seamless business communication solutions with Nextiva. Streamline your operations and boost productivity with our advanced tools…


Grok Coming To All Premium Subscribers

Grok was previously reserved for high-rolling subscribers, but this week it will become available to all premium X subscribers [that’s the $8/month plan.]

It’s a multi-pronged attack from X.

First, it’s a shot across the bow to competitor chatbots like ChatGPT. Grok boasts a secret weapon: real-time access to X’s data, potentially making its responses more dynamic and interesting.

Secondly, it’s a play to win back those fleeing X users. Grok, with its ability to delve into controversial topics, could be a tempting perk for some.

As an added bonus, users that don’t pay for any X subscription can earn their premium features by attaining 2,500 subscribers.


AI Search Engines Can’t Kill Google

Despite the advancements in AI technologies, AI search tools struggle to fully replace Google’s search engine due to the diverse and complex nature of search queries.

But why?

There are three main types of queries: navigational, informational, and explorational.

While AI can sometimes provide more useful or direct answers, it often falls short in speed, accuracy, and the ability to handle the simplest to the most complex queries as effectively as Google.

Google’s search engine is not just a list of links but a sophisticated tool with built-in features for a wide range of tasks, making it difficult for AI search engines to compete.

While AI can improve search engines’ understanding and processing of information, the challenge lies in evolving these tools into more complex systems that can match Google’s versatility and efficiency.

Together with Brave:

Need Real-Time Data For Your AI Project?

The Brave Search API can fuel your AI applications with high quality Web data.

  • Empower your AI with the ability to search the Web;
  • Improve LLM responses with context from extra search snippets;
  • Get real-time info like weather and news;
  • Autosuggest, Spellcheck, and more…

Get started for FREE (up to 2k calls/month) at Paid plans as little as $0.50 CPM.

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OpenAI Experimenting With GPT Revenue Share

When the GPT Store opened in January, OpenAI promised it would pay creators by the first quarter of the year. The company has now announced that it is testing a payment model.

The GPT Store makes it easy for anyone to build a GPT, which is essentially a custom AI assistant that can do anything from summarizing a PDF to suggesting furniture purchases.


Don’t Be A Glasshole

Wearables can be integrated into formal or significant events, but that doesn’t always mean they should be — their presence should not detract from the human connection or the shared experience of the moment.

While smartwatches or smart glasses can physically fit into most settings, their usage must be tempered with social awareness.

This includes silencing notifications to avoid distracting others and checking with hosts or significant participants [like brides or grooms] regarding the appropriateness of their use at special events.

As early adopters of such technologies, we need to find a balance between showcasing the potential of wearables and respecting the social settings they inhabit.

AI Tool Of The Day

Stylo: The Zendesk AI Assistant

Stylo has emerged as a killer tool for enhancing fulfillment support, and is praised for making complex tasks simpler and enabling users to articulate their needs more clearly.

Allowing your team to concentrate on what truly matters: the customers.

With its continual improvements, introduction of new features, and affordability, Stylo stands out significantly from its competition.


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Grok For All X Premium Subs