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GPT-5 Conspiracy Theory 🍭

Unknown models exceed expectations, Katy Perry shares AI images, and more...

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  • New Models On Prompt Battle Website
  • Katy Perry AI Images Fooled Her Mom
  • Reddit Secures Their User Content
  • Microsoft Mobile Gaming Store Launch


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OpenAI Claims r/ChatGPT Subreddit Infringed Copyright
Moderators of the r/ChatGPT subreddit say OpenAI sent them a message telling them to remove the company’s logos from its user profiles…

GPT-5 Keeps Getting Teased Left & Right
COO Brad Lightcap, speaking at Bloomberg’s Tech conference, was asked when the next model is arriving — his answer hints that ChatGPT will evolve to act like an agent on your behalf or, at the very least, take on more of a persona…

Use AI To Generate Realistic AI Voices [partner]
Produce human-like speech from text with Deepgram’s free AI Voice Generator, powered by Aura text-to-speech…


A Chatbot Conspiracy Theory

Two mysterious chatbots, “im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot” and “im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot,” have appeared on LMSYS Org roughly one week after “gpt2-chatbot” disappeared, and it’s causing controversy.

They aren’t any old chatbots; they’re so powerful that they meet and even exceed popular chatbots like GPT-4, Claude, and everything else currently available.

Many people speculate that these new bots are the work of OpenAI seeing as they appeared a day after a cryptic tweet from Sam Altman reading, “im-a-good-gpt2-chatbot.”

While OpenAI hasn’t fessed up yet, some users are having a blast with these new chatbots and exploring their compatibility — you can give it a shot by typing in your prompt and praying you get the right model.


Meta Gala’s AI Moment


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A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry)

Earlier this week, a Katy Perry superfan used AI to create images of the pop star attending the Met Gala, and they were so realistic that they fooled Katy’s mom and damn near everyone else.

The fan, who goes by “Sali” online, created the images using a combination of AI tools and Photoshop.

What’s even more fascinating is that Sali was inspired for this project after noticing positive interaction from Katy Perry’s team on his previous AI art pieces featuring the singer.

Katy Perry got wind of the whole thing and even shared the creations on her Instagram! Shout out to Sali for fooling the world.

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Reddit Tightens It’s Grip On Public Data

Everyone’s favorite forum for arguing with strangers, Reddit, is changing how companies gain access to their public data after rolling out a new “Public Content Policy.”

Previously, anyone could access this data for free, including for training AI models. Now, companies with commercial goals, like training AI assistants, will need a contract with Reddit if they want access.

You can find updates on their process & journey at here.

Microsoft’s Mobile Gaming Store Launches July

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Sarah Bond, <a href=””>@Microsoft</a>’s Xbox president, announced at <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#BloombergTech</a> that the company will launch its own mobile game store in July, creating an alternative to Apple and Google’s app stores <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Bloomberg Live (@BloombergLive) <a href=””>May 9, 2024</a></blockquote> <script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Microsoft is set to launch its new Xbox mobile gaming store in July, initially on the web to circumvent Apple’s App Store restrictions.

The store will feature Microsoft’s first-party games, including popular titles like Candy Crush and Minecraft, and then expand into third-party games.

Microsoft’s strategic move, designed to pre-empt changes in app store regulations, could redefine mobile gaming accessibility.

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GPT-5 Conspiracy Theory