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Google’s New AI Video Model: Veo 🍭

OpenAI strikes deal with Reddit, Twitter officially now, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Google’s AI Video Model
  • OpenAI’s Deal With Reddit
  • Twitter Is No Longer Twitter
  • Android’s Adaptive Vibrations


Fast Snacks 🥡

iMessage’s Thursday Evening Outage
iMessage experienced an outage affecting many iPhone users worldwide, but the issue, which also impacted Apple Messages for Business, FaceTime, and HomeKit, has since been resolved, according to Apple’s status page…

Instagram & Facebook Under EU Investigation
A formal investigation has been launched into Meta to determine if Facebook and Instagram have adequately protected children’s mental and physical health, focusing on compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA)…

Judge Rules Tacos & Burritos Are Sandwiches
An Indiana court has ruled that tacos and burritos qualify as “Mexican-style sandwiches,” a decision reflecting a broader interpretation that contrasts with past legal opinions…


Google’s New AI Video Model Veo

The sun correctly reappears behind the horse and the light softly shines through its tail. Image: Google

Veo can generate 1080p videos over a minute long from text, image, and video prompts. It understands cinematic terms like “timelapse” and “aerial shots” to create more realistic and coherent videos.

Veo’s advanced natural language processing helps it produce refined and consistent video results. While most people won’t get to try it right away, select filmmakers and creators are invited to experiment with Veo.

Some Veo features will be available soon in a private preview for VideoFX and later integrated into YouTube Shorts.

Image: Google


OpenAI Strikes Reddit Deal For Training

OpenAI has partnered with Reddit to gain real-time access to content from Reddit’s data API, allowing ChatGPT to incorporate Reddit discussions.

In return, Reddit will use OpenAI’s tech to build AI-powered features for users and moderators. OpenAI also becomes an advertising partner on Reddit.

No financial terms or details about training data were disclosed, but it’s known that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is a Reddit shareholder.

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Twitter Is Officially Now

Typing in your browser will now redirect to Elon Musk’s preferred domain, although results may vary depending on your browser and login status.

Elon Musk has been gradually rebranding Twitter to X, including updates to official accounts, mobile apps, and subscriptions. The URLs have been the last to switch over, starting in August of last year.

Musk’s connection to goes back to 1999 when he launched a business under that name, which eventually merged to become PayPal. Now, he envisions as an “everything app,” akin to WeChat.


Android’s Coming Adaptive Vibration

Android 15’s second public beta brings customizable vibrations for notifications from different apps. Pixel phones take it further by using microphones and sensors to adjust vibration intensity based on your surroundings.

This feature addresses the noisy vibrations when Pixel phones are on hard surfaces like tables. It’s a thoughtful upgrade that ensures you get the right vibration intensity without the disruptive noise.

Now that’s what I call a good vibe.

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Google's New AI Video Model: Veo