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GameStop Enters Rare Card Market 🍭

Stanford's AR prototype, decline of streaming, and more...

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  • Stanford’s Slim AR Glasses Prototype
  • Streaming’s Circle Back Into Cable TV
  • GameStop Enters Rare Card Market
  • Pocket Camera Goes Beyond Expectations

Fast Snacks 🥡

Judge Throws Out Musk Lawsuit Against Web Scrapers
Elon Musk went after a web scraper named Bright Data that allegedly illegally circumvented X’s anti-scraping technology…

Google Maps Update That Filters Refueling Stations
Android phones are reportedly getting an AI-powered maps update that lets EV drivers filter for charging stations…

Windows 11’s Settings Menu To Include Ads
The new recommendation card is moving forward from an April Beta release — this ad will appear for users with Windows 11 Pro & Home versions…


Stanford’s Move Towards Slimmer AR Glasses

Stanford’s Computational Imaging Lab is pioneering augmented reality with its new holographic imaging technology that boasts a slimmer design that could integrate into standard glasses frames.

The lab’s innovation includes a “nanophotonic metasurface waveguide” which, alongside AI-driven algorithms, enhances the projection of realistic, full-color 3D images at various depths.

Although it’s still at the benchtop stage with a modest 11.7-degree field of view, our future will have AR glasses are as wearable as everyday eyewear.

Streaming’s Full Circle Back To Cable Roots

Nearly two decades after revolutionizing TV, streaming services are turning into the very evil they swore to destroy.

As companies like Disney Plus, Hulu, and Netflix evolve, they’re adopting cable’s old playbook—bundling channels, adding sports like ESPN, and exploring celebrity content.

The dream of ad-free, on-demand viewing at low costs is vanishing before our eyes, with services introducing ads and hiking fees to fund expensive content production.

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GameStop Dives Into Rare Pokémon Card Trading

GameStop is expanding beyond video games — venturing into the trading of rare Pokémon cards in partnership with Professional Sports Authenticator [PSA].

As early as next week, GameStop stores will buy and sell cards graded 8 to 10 by PSA, indicating near-mint condition. However, the retailer is staying away from the high-priced cards [valued over $500].

Sadly, plans for in-store grading services are not in the works, but customers can purchase individual cards starting at $1.


DJI Pocket 3 Camera Excels Beyond Phones

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is turning heads by outshining even high-end smartphones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Its enhanced one-inch sensor delivers superior low-light performance and reliable autofocus, making it a favorite among both serious videographers and casual creators.

Despite its name, we wouldn’t necessarily say it has perfect pocketability, but its performance at events like is virtually unmatched.

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GameStop Enters Rare Card Market