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Funniest Video You’ll See Today 🍭

Rabbit R1 doesn't know what a dog toy is, Jack Dorsey off the board at Bluesky, and more...

Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Rabbit R1 Misses An Easy Observation
  • Google Bans Deepfake Porn Ads
  • Bluesky Confirms Jack Is Off The Board
  • Apple’s AI Strategy Ramping Up

Fast Snacks 🥡

Sony Is Now In Play To Buy Paramount
Paramount has formally begun negotiating with the company as the period of exclusive talks with Hollywood studio Skydance lapsed on Friday night…

Helldivers No Longer Requiring PSN Link
Sony was going to require all non-PS players to link to the Playstation network by May 30th, but after hundreds of thousands of negative reviews, they’ve walked the decision back…

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Funniest Rabbit R1 Demo I’ve Seen

@verge This demo tells you everything you need to know about the Rabbit R1 and the current state of AI gadgets. #RabbitR1 #AI #teenageengineering #tech #techtok ♬ original sound – The Verge

One R1 user asks the devices repeatedly what he’s holding and hilarity ensues…

Google Bans Deepfake Porn Ads

Google is tightening its advertising policy by banning ads that promote deepfake porn creation services — effective May 30th.

This update prohibits advertisements for any service that facilitates the generation or alteration of sexually explicit synthetic content. Google’s broader ad policy already forbids sexually explicit material, but the new rules specifically target tools used for creating deepfake pornography.

Additionally, legislative measures like the proposed DEFIANCE Act seek to provide victims with legal recourse against the creation and distribution of such content.

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Bluesky Confirms Jack Dorsey No Longer On Board

Jack Dorsey has stepped down from the board of Bluesky [the decentralized social media platform he helped initiate].

Bluesky confirmed his departure and is now looking for a new board member who aligns with the platform’s vision of creating a user-empowered social network.

Dorsey’s leave was noted after a change in his social media behavior, including unfollowing nearly all accounts on X.

Details on why Dorsey left the board have not been disclosed, and his involvement with the company had been minimal in recent months.


What Apple’s Research Says About Its’ Future

Apple’s AI strategy is ramping up as the company prepares for new developments, particularly with its virtual assistant, Siri.

Recent research and rumors hint that Apple is developing a more capable and efficient version of Siri, leveraging smaller, faster AI models that could operate directly on devices.

At the upcoming WWDC, Apple is anticipated to reveal its progress and possibly introduce a range of AI-enhanced features across its ecosystem.

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Funniest Video You'll See Today