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Dyson’s AR App Tracks Your Vacuuming

TikTok's AI avatars, Apple watch ban, and more...

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  • Dyson’s AR Shows Where You Vacuumed
  • TikTok May Add AI Avatars For Ads
  • Everything About The Apple Watch Ban
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Dyson’s AR App Shows Where You Vacuumed

Dyson is introducing a novel augmented reality feature called CleanTrace, designed to help users visualize cleaned areas by “painting” over them as they vacuum. This AR capability requires an iPhone Pro or Pro Max with a lidar scanner and attaches to the vacuum via a separately sold clamp. Currently, this feature is exclusive to Dyson’s $1,000 Gen5detect stick vacuum and will be included in a free update to Dyson’s mobile app scheduled for June. CleanTrace aims to enhance cleaning efficiency by showing users where they’ve vacuumed and highlighting missed spots, drawing inspiration from the data analysis of user cleaning patterns collected by Dyson’s products. Despite its innovative approach, the feature’s utility is limited by its compatibility with only one high-end model and its reliance on additional costly hardware.


TikTok May Add AI Avatars For Ads

TikTok is exploring the addition of AI avatars to its platform, which could enable advertisers and TikTok Shop sellers to generate scripts for virtual influencers to deliver promotional content. This potential feature aims to augment the current influencer-driven ad model by utilizing AI-generated presentations to boost sales and visibility for products. However, early tests indicate that these AI avatars have not yet matched the commercial success of human influencers. As TikTok continues to integrate AI into its offerings, including previous initiatives like the Song Generator and AI-labeled filters, the platform must carefully balance the introduction of virtual influencers to avoid undermining its human content creators, especially following the closure of its $1 billion creator fund. The integration strategy and revenue sharing with human creators remain critical unresolved issues as TikTok develops this technology.

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Everything To Know About The Apple Watch Ban

Apple has launched a comprehensive 916-page appeal against the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) decision to ban sales of its Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. The ban was based on a ruling that Apple had infringed on Masimo’s pulse oximetry patents. A significant aspect of Apple’s appeal challenges the ITC’s jurisdiction, arguing that Masimo, which primarily produces clinical oximeters and did not have a consumer smartwatch at the time of filing, did not constitute a “domestic industry” with “articles” as required by the ITC’s statutes. This case highlights Apple’s concerns that such precedents could encourage similar claims by competitors using strategic litigation rather than competitive products. As Apple navigates this legal challenge, it has temporarily adjusted its product features to comply with the ban, reflecting the complex interplay between innovation, regulation, and competitive strategy in tech industries.


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Dyson's AR App Tracks Your Vacuuming