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Driverless Car Pulled Over For Reckless Driving 🍭

Waymo car pulled over, NASCAR EV prototype, and more...

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  • Waymo Pulled Over For Reckless Driving
  • NASCAR Demonstrates New EV Prototype
  • E-Biking Is Becoming A Popular Choice
  • Everything Else You Need To Know

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Tesla Makes Chinese Government Purchase List
For the first time, Tesla’s Model Y is included in the Chinese government procurement list, marking a significant win for the company’s efforts to gain favor in the world’s largest EV market…

Quantum Rise Grabs $15M Seed
Chicago-based Quantum Rise secures a $15 million seed round to revolutionize business automation with AI, providing tailored solutions and workflow automation under its “Consulting 2.0” model…


Police Pull Over Waymo For Driving In Oncoming Lane

On June 19th, Phoenix police stopped an autonomous Waymo vehicle driving in the wrong lane.

Confused by construction signs, the car reportedly ran a red light and pulled over in a parking lot after the officer initiated the stop. Bodycam footage shows the officer explaining the car’s mistake and its subsequent erratic behavior.

Waymo explained the vehicle’s error was due to “inconsistent construction signage.” The incident lasted about a minute, and no citation was issued as per Arizona law, which complicates ticketing autonomous vehicles.


NASCAR Demonstrates Sound Of EV Prototype

NASCAR unveiled its new ABB NASCAR EV Prototype at the Chicago Street Race. The prototype, resembling a performance crossover like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, features three electric motors and a 78-kWh liquid-cooled battery capable of generating 1,000 kW at peak power.

It’s built on a modified Next Gen chassis, developed with Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota, the EV demonstrates impressive acceleration but slightly slower lap times due to its weight.

Though NASCAR isn’t replacing its traditional fuel-burning V8s yet, there are rumors of hybrid introductions in the future.

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E-Bikes Are Perfect For Bikepacking

E-bikes are becoming a popular choice for bikepacking, making the sport accessible to more people.

To explore this, one rider tested the Specialized Turbo Creo 2 Comp on various terrains over a 250-mile trip. Despite its hefty price tag, it offered impressive battery life and support, even on rugged trails.

E-bike infrastructure in the Netherlands, where charging stations are plentiful, also facilitated the journey.

Everything Else You Need To Know

Are AI Models Are Past Their Prime: A study found that ChatGPT [using GPT-3.5] performs well on coding problems from before its 2021 training data cutoff but struggles significantly with newer problems.

Meta AI Collaborating In WhatsApp For Android: A new WhatsApp beta for Android allows users to send photos to Meta AI for questions or edits and lets the AI create avatars based on user photos.

Create PDFs On iPhones Using Notes: You can create PDFs directly from the Notes app on your iPhone by scanning documents or converting existing files without needing additional apps.

New Apple Watch May Get Ultra-Sized Screen: The upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 may feature a larger 49mm screen similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, along with potential new AI-enhancing chips.

OpenAI Breach Treasure Troves for Hackers: A recent superficial breach at OpenAI highlights the significant value and risk of the extensive data held by AI companies.


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Driverless Car Pulled Over For Reckless Driving