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Draftwise Raises $20M To Write Contracts

Date of Google's developer conference, Disney's coming appearance at Robotics summit, and more...

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  • Pentagon To Spend $6B On AI Drones
  • How AI Evolved From The 1960s
  • Engineer Disturbed By AI Generations
  • Text-To-Application AI Software


Fast Snacks 🥡

Apple Acquires AI Startup Called DarwinAI
DarwinAI, a Canadian firm, makes AI systems that visually inspect components for manufacturers, but also aims to “make neural network models smaller and faster”…

Antrhopic’s Smallest & Fastest Claude 3 Model
Claude 3 Haiku is able to read dense research papers in less than three seconds, and can now be accessed through, Amazon Bedrock, and Perplexity Labs…

Engineering Analytics To Boost Developer Productivity (partner)
Hatica is an engineering management platform that aggregates activity from all work apps in the tech stack and derives actionable insights to help engineering teams drive velocity, alignment and well-being…


Google I/O 2024 Is On May 14th

Google I/O 2024 is set to focus heavily on artificial intelligence (AI), alongside updates on Pixel devices, Android, and other Google services.

Expect discussions on how Google’s technology aims to compete with major players like Microsoft and OpenAI. Updates on Android 15, Gmail, Google Photos, and the potential unveiling of the Pixel 8A smartphone, succeeding the midrange 7A, are also anticipated.

The conference will be available for global virtual attendance, in addition to hosting a limited live audience.


Legal Contracts Company Draftwise Raises Millions

DraftWise, a legal technology startup, raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Index Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator and Earlybird Digital East Ventures.

The New York-based company offers an AI-powered tool that leverages law firms’ historical data to help lawyers draft and negotiate contracts.

The company’s solution is used by prominent law firms, and its pricing varies based on firm size and needs.

Together with Brave:

Need Real-Time Data For Your AI Project?

The Brave Search API can fuel your AI applications with high quality Web data.

  • Empower your AI with the ability to search the Web;
  • Improve LLM responses with context from extra search snippets;
  • Get real-time info like weather and news;
  • Autosuggest, Spellcheck, and more…

Get started for FREE (up to 2k calls/month) at Paid plans as little as $0.50 CPM.

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Disney Sharing Tech At Robotics Summit & Expo

Disney’s Imagineering team will be showcasing their latest robotics technology at the Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston on May 1-2, highlighting innovative ways they bring beloved characters to life.

Key Disney researchers, including Moritz Baecher, Morgan Pope, and Tony Dohi, will demo the robots and discuss their development.

The event promises to be the largest Robotics Summit ever, featuring over 200 exhibitors and the new RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards Gala. Registration is now open for the event.


How Things Are Going With Rabbit R1

This quick demo from Rabbit CEO Jesse Lyu certainly helps make the case for the Rabbit R1 as a little AI helper gadget as it records audio and transcribes and summarizes it for you.

Of course, there are already smartphones with on-device AI capabilities like this, but as we mentioned before, we’re all about these retro-futuristic designs!


5 Trending AI-Powered Tools

BlogToPod: Use AI to turn your blog posts into podcast episodes.

Wonsulting: Save time and let AI apply for jobs on your behalf.

Hatica: Hatica lets you answer complex engineering productivity questions for your teams using natural language.

Deepgram: Play around with human-like voice AI or transcribe sample audio files.

Brave: Real-time, high-quality web data that you can use for your AI applications.


Gaming Characters In The Real World


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Draftwise Raises $20M To Write Contracts