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Do You Use Google Or ChatGPT?

Walmart's shopping assistant, people using GPT vision, & odd AI images...

No, Seriously, Do You Still Use Google?

Every day, I find myself using search engines less. Last year, I probably Google’d 10-20 times in a day.

Today? Maybe once or twice for Google Lens.

But now that ChatGPT Vision is here, I may potentially never Google again…


Today’s Menu 🥠

  • Walmart Launching AI Shopping Assistant
  • How People Are Using ChatGPT Vision
  • The Blog Post Writer Prompt
  • 5 Tools You Need In Your Life
  • Generating Stickers With DALL-E 3
  • Odd AF Generative AI Images

Fast Snacks 🥡

Use Bard To Find Your Stuff In Gmail & Docs
The new extensions released for Google’s chatbot are clunky, but they might be helpful with a hefty dose of patience…

DALL-E 3 Prompts To Turn You Into A Creative Genius
If you are curious about DALL-E 3, the free AI-image-generating tool from OpenAI, this is the right story for you…

A16Z Discuss Backing A Midjourney Rival With $500M
AI models like Ideogram’s have proliferated and improved quickly in the past year, and some have attracted numerous paying customers…

Walmart To Launch New Shopping Assistant 🛒

After the successful introduction of a generative AI tool for its corporate staff, the retail behemoth is now offering this advanced technology to its shoppers.

In the coming weeks, Walmart customers can look forward to an interactive shopping assistant that provides tailored product suggestions and detailed information.

Additionally, a new search feature powered by generative AI will understand user queries in context, making product searches more efficient.

Walmart is also unveiling an interior design assistant that combines AI with AR technology, allowing users to virtually redecorate their spaces.

Unlike other major competitors, Walmart is keeping its options open by not committing to specific AI models, ensuring flexibility in its tech approach.

And in doing so, they’ll be able to save shopper’s time, create an interactive experience, and provide customers with a better time on-platform.

Together With Masterworks:

Billionaires Wanted It, But 54,578 Everyday Investors Got It First… And Profited 🤯

When incredibly valuable assets come up for sale, it’s typically the ultra-rich that take home an amazing investment…

But now, one platform is taking on billionaires at their own game, allowing everyday people to invest in blue-chip artworks. With Masterworks, users have already seen annualized net returns of +13.4, +17.6%, +35.0% and more – all this year.

Because Masterworks’ $800m+ collection includes works by greats like Banksy and Picasso, collected using data powered by AI and expert research. When Masterworks sells a painting (like the 16 already sold) investors reap their portion of the net proceeds.

Some new offerings have sold out in minutes, but Daily Bite readers can skip Masterworks’ waitlist with this special link.

Skip The Waitlist Now →

*Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Investing involves risk. Important Regulation A disclosures at


GPT Vision Is Actually Insane 👀

As more users gain access to ChatGPT vision, we’re seeing more interesting & impressive uses pass through our feed.

Here are 5 incredible ways people used this new feature over the weekend:

1. Analyzing X-Rays

You can upload your X-ray image and it will give you your diagnosis and answer any questions in a matter of seconds.

2. Counting Calories

No more calorie crunching! Just snap a pic of your food, and ChatGPT will run the numbers.

3. Finding Hidden Gems

Ever wondered where someone took their sick vacation pic? Upload the pic & it’ll tell you where.

4. Spotting Differences

Finally, you can beat those childhood challenges and pass those “are you a bot” CAPTCHAs. (;

5. Reading Doctor’s Handwriting

Chicken scratch is no longer an issue!

Make Life Simple With AI

This prompt will help generate 100% unique and fully SEO optimized blog posts.

Starting a blog can be fun, but sticking to a posting schedule can be difficult.

You have places to go, people to see, and things to do – wouldn’t it be nice if you could still write your daily article but without spending the time writing it?

If this sounds like you, you need to try this prompt:

All you need to do is click the prompt above, input your keyword or title, and let the AI spit out an epic article ready for posting.

Give it a shot: Generate Prompts In Any Niche

5 Tools You Need In Your Life

Highperformr: AI-powered tools that elevate your social presence & tasks.

Collato: Chat with your tools to find info, summarize, & create content.

Frame: Fix program chaos in your workplace and minimize wasted time.

Descript: A powerful all-in-one video and podcast editing tool using AI.

AudioNotes: Turn your voice memes into text


Removing Paint In Seconds 🤯


AI Generated Stickers by DALL-E 3 🌵

Enjoy These Odd AI Images 😆

fidget spinner attack on New York City

annual concrete eating contest

blurry trailcam footage of Danny Devito Transforming into a Werewolf

DJ Khaled praying in the bathroom


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